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In The Field With Pros using Sonicfire Pro

Eric Pokorny - Stabucks MediaStarbucks' Eric Pokorny

Eric Pokorny is one of a small group of full-time media creators working in Starbucks Seattle headquarters. He will often use the music score to "compensate" removing almost all the sound except the narration or dialogue, laying in the score to fill out the track and give it character.

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Greg MulveyGreg Mulvey

Greg Mulvey is the Lead Editor and Motion Graphics Designer for Second City Communications, the business solutions division of Chicago's world-famous improv comedy theater, The Second City. (Alumni include Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, John Belushi, Bill Murray, to name a few.)

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Darby T. RallsDarby T. Ralls

Darby and his associates at the media department for the FAA create media that runs the gamut from simple technical training films and documentation of events all the way to long form shows for broadcast, short-form PSAs and high-end, complex training.

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Seth WorleySeth Worley

Seth Worley has made a name for himself with groundbreaking special effects on minimal budgets. His new short, "Order Up" uses Smartsound's Music Library in an equally impressive score.

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Barry GreggBarry Gregg

Barry & the award winning Life Tree Studios have been using Smartsound Software for several years & prefers it for its flexibility & customization.

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Matt DunnMark Apsolon

Through years of experience Mark Apsolon has gained a wealth of knowledge as a videographer. He's not the type to keep it to himself either.

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Matt DunnMatt Dunn

From showcasing ranch properties to documenting football games; or the real estate to natural gas industries, Matt has taken aerial photography to a platform for the masses.

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Steve DouglasSteve Douglas

A veteran diver & videographer, Steve's work has been featured by National Geographic, Disney & the History Channel. Receiving international recognition, Steve has received numerous international awards for marine videography.

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Jedrzej JonaszJedrzej Jonasz

Jedrzej is the co-owner and principle developer of the Portland based game development studio "Pocket Vault Studios". With an extensive background in film and video production, Jedrzej brings his creative storytelling skills to the interactive format of mobile game development.

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Brian Reed GarvinBrian Reed Garvin

An Award Winning Actor/Director, Brian has appeared in the films such as: "Get Shorty", "Catch Me If You Can", and "House Of Sand & Fog".

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Lee WhiteLee White

Lee White started his adventure into narrative motion shortly after graduating from Art Center, College of Design. Over fifteen years ago, Lee began creating short form videos for his clients and his search for music to use in these productions led him to Sonicfire Pro. Lee has been using Sonicfire Pro for the last five years.

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Preston KanakPreston Kanak

It is very clear that the more you do something, the better you will get at it. The concept behind Preston Kanak's 3 Minute Shorts is based on exactly this principle.

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