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Smartsound Sonicfire Pro 6 Download

Sonicfire Pro

Smartsound Sonicfire 6 Free and Sonicfire Pro 6 Download

The download is the same for both the Free and Pro versions of the Sonicfire Pro 6 software. If you have purchased Sonicfire Pro 6 you will receive a permanent license code that unlocks all of the software features (beyond the 21 day free trial).

The free download provides a permanent license to the free version of Sonicfire Pro 6 with unlimited personal and professional use of the five included royalty-free music tracks. As an added bonus, the full timeline version with advanced editing capabilities will be accessible during the first 21-days. Click on a download link below to get started.

* Sonicfire Pro 6 includes implementations for the Pinnacle Studio plugin, the Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects plugins (updated for CC 2019), and the Vegas Pro/Movie Studio plugin. If you use any of these plugins, please also be sure to download and run the latest plugin installers from this page as well.

Download for Windows (version 6.6.9)Windows

Download for macOS (version 6.6.9)Macintosh

VEGAS Pro Plugin Download

   *Sonicfire Pro 6.0.8 or Sonicfire Pro 5.8.7 and Vegas Pro 12 - 16 required
   *Activation Code required to use plug-in

Adobe Premiere Pro Plug-in Download

Adobe Premiere
   *Sonicfire Pro 6.0.3 or Sonicfire Pro 5.7 or higher and Adobe Premiere Pro required
   *Activation Code required to use plug-in

Adobe After Effects Plug-in Download

Adobe After Effects
   *Sonicfire Pro 6.0.3 or Sonicfire Pro 5.7 or higher and Adobe After Effects required
   *Activation Code required to use plug-in

Final Cut Pro X Plugin Download (Discontinued)

Final Cut Pro X
   *Sonicfire Pro 6.0.3+ or Sonicfire Pro 5.8.7 required, Mac OS 10.9-10.11 and FCPX 10.1-10.4.8 required, or Mac OS10.12.1+ and FCPX 10.2.3-10.4.8 required.
   *Activation Code required to use plug-in
This plug-in is discontinued and will receive no further updates. It is only compatible with Final Cut Pro 10.1 through 10.4.8.

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