Royalty Free Music & Incredible Ways To Customize It

About Smartsound

Smartsound LLC. is the maker of the Smartsound family of royalty free music technology and content products. These unique, patented products are designed to help the visual creator unlock the true impact, emotion and reach of their visuals through the power of music customized to fit to their specific project. The company’s products make this result easy and affordable, bringing a new level of music options and flexibility to visual creators of all skill levels.

Smartsound Offices

Smartsound Software
A label of Smartsound LLC
PO Box 2478
Winnetka, CA 91396

The company was founded in 1995 with a modest venture capital investment and offices located in Northridge, CA. It first released its Smartsound® branded products in June of 1996. Since then Smartsound has become established as the world’s most creative music solution for visual media. Besides being available in over 30 countries throughout the world, it is also one of the most widely licensed audio technologies in the video industry with licenses to Adobe, Avid, Corel, Pinnacle, Sonic Solutions, Cyberlink and others.

Mission Statement

Smartsound's mission is to decisively dominate creative music solutions for visual media by focusing on remarkable, innovative solutions and high quality music which creates for each customer the best possible user experience, the best results and greatest value in the media creation industry.

Who We Are

Smartsound Software was founded to respond to a very specific and rapidly growing market need. Fueled by the explosive growth of the multimedia and video industries, the Smartsound product line was created to put into the hands of the average visual creator the ability to add the power, impact and emotion of high-quality music soundtracks customized to their project. These audio products were the very first on the market to focus exclusively on the needs of visual creators as opposed to musicians or audio engineers.

The company is comprised of music and technology experts who merge and blend their respective experiences and unique know-how to create the unique product line that has benefited tens of thousands of visually creative people. This team is driven to continue defining this segment for the rest of the industry and leading its evolution well into the future.

What We Do

Simply put, Smartsound has created a unique, patented technology that allows the user to easily and quickly manipulate music content in certain key ways, so that it can better fit a visual sequence. When music is customized to fit a visual sequence, that sequence is significantly enhanced and has much more impact than a scene with either no music, or music that is just simply attached as is.

This Smartsound technology needs certain music, which is "enabled" to work with its system. It's this unique combination of patented technology and music designed to work with it, that results in such power and ease for the creative user. All Smartsound technology products are based on this combined system.

The Smartsound product line includes the following software and audio content:

  • Smartsound® Sonicfire® Pro — the flagship product for professional videographers and multimedia creators. This software takes the original patented technology and combines it with a new, professional, streamlined interface and adds video importing and powerful audio editing and marker features for the ultimate soundtrack creation tool for professionals.
  • Smartsound® Quicktracks Embedded for OEMs — this technology SDK gives licensed Smartsound partners the ability to offer the incredible advantage of automated soundtracks right from inside their application. This level of integration provides a powerful user experience and offers a seamless look-and-feel while delivering the rich Smartsound feature set to the end user. Embedded partners include Avid, Adobe, Roxio, Corel/Ulead, CyberLink and Serif. All of these partners sell add-on Smartsound Music to their customers to increase the value of their product and generate additional sales.
  • The Smartsound Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects Library — over 300 disks of the industry's top-quality music and sound effects all designed to work with the patented Smartsound process, with 2 or more new discs released every month. The Strata Series is Smartsound's latest music that is delivered in a Multi-Layer format with each instrument section controllable by the user in Sonicfire Pro 4 and later. The Audio Palette is a robust set of music CDs segmented by mood, style or cinematic application. The Sound Effects series is a versatile collection of sound effects all designed to work with Smartsound. The Edge Series features the cutting edge of music produced in house by top LA and Hollywood based professionals. The Producer Series, designed for the professional, offers a versatile selection of CDs with many CDs including additional alternate or lighter mixes for certain tracks. The Film Score Series puts the work of top film and television composers into the hands of anyone looking for a professional-quality royalty-free soundtrack for their projects.  The Home Movie Music series is compiled from existing Smartsound tracks, and each CD is licensed at a discounted price for Home and Education projects only.
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