Royalty Free Music & Incredible Ways To Customize It


What is The "Magic Music" Inside PowerDirector?

CyberlinkCyberLink PowerDirector features four magical editing tools for quickly turning videos into stylish home movies. The new "Magic Music" feature creates its stunning, movie-quality soundtracks by utilizing Smartsound's patented technology. PowerDirector users simply drag a song from their royalty-free Smartsound music library onto their timeline and set the duration of the music to match the length of their video clip. The embedded Smartsound technology automatically edits the soundtrack to fit the video with a perfect musical beginning and ending every time.

Adding More Music

Each of our Smartsound CDs contain a wide spectrum of music and are specially designed to work with the Smartsound Quicktracks technology, already included inside CyberLink's PowerDirector. Our CDs are programmed so the music can be edited to any time length, just like the music you have now. The best part is how easy it is to add Smartsound music.

Our Movie Background Music CDs are affordably priced for home and educational users. Our Audio Palette series of CDs contain a wide spectrum of music and are licensed for commercial and broadcast use as well.Our Edge Series features hip cutting edge CDs for professional use. Our Producer Series features a lighter "alternate" for each track making a great combination of foreground and background music. Preview our entire Smartsound music catalog online.

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