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Smartsound "In The Field" Submissions

From time to time we profile our Sonicfire Pro or Quicktracks users in articles that showcase their skills and background as media creators while highlighting the many ways Smartsound's music and software can be used. Our In The Field features are emailed to Smartsound's entire list of users and becomes part of Smartsound's popular user blog so its a great way to showcase your talents to a large audience while helping us communicate the incredible results you are getting with our products.

There are two options for being selected for In The Field. Often our customers have unique, creative videos in which they have used our products to create a compelling or interesting video - one that other videomakers would want to see. We are looking for quality work of any type that uses Smartsound royalty free music and sound effects: Films, Commercials, Documentaries, Product Videos, Weddings, Events. You name it! An ideal video would be short, from :30/:45 seconds up to about 3 minutes or so. A cut-down to get to that length is fine as long as it retains the quality. Any video should either be yours to promote or have permission from the client to use it for this article.

Some media creator's clients do not allow them to use their videos. In that case, if you you have an interesting or unique way to use Smartsound technology or have tips that could help other Smartsound users, that is also a viable option. In this case you would need to have screen shots (annotated preferred) along with a description of the tip or unique approach.

Either way, the articles are always written by Smartsound staff after a brief interview with you if selected.

If you qualify for either of these approaches - we want to hear from you!

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