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When you buy royalty free music from SmartSound, it’s always available for you to customize and download directly from our web site or by installing it on your workstation for access with our Sonicfire Pro software.

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Our Professional Soundtrack Creation Technology automatically delivers professional music edits instantly. Adjusting the length, arrangement and instrumentation of every SmartSound track is instantaneous and 100% professional!

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SmartSound technology (Sonicfire Pro) allows you to express your creativity far beyond regular royalty free music. Since our music is totally customizable for length, mood and instrument mix, you can create over 20 million different soundtracks to find that perfect fit for your project.

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Our royalty free music library is comprised of a hand-picked and professionally curated collection of music. Our music comes from top musicians, film composers, indie bands and independent artists. No sifting through thousands of crowd-sourced tracks. Every SmartSound track is a winner!

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SmartSound offers one of the most generous worry-free music licenses in the industry. Put SmartSound in your (or your clients) productions and play it anywhere for any amount of time at no additional cost. (*If you need to manufacture more than 10,000 pieces of physical media, you’ll need to contact us for approval...that’s it!)

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A power ballad evoking a sense of mystery. Features vocals., , Lyrics:, I'm on my way to an angel, Saw him this morning for a short time, A smile and a smile again, A feeling of shame, for a short time, , The last step lies beyond, there's light in front, A glimpse of time, my angel, , A look of despair comes back to my eyes, a pursuit of happiness, for a short time, , Now I'm with you, not far away, your hand with mine, forever, , Angel, I can see you, I can feel you, Angel be mine,

Choose your license:

Standard Extended Widest
Customizable with Sonicfire Pro and Quicktracks yes yes yes
Personal and professional use yes yes yes
Promote a product or service yes yes yes
Use on my own website yes yes yes
Videos created for a third party yes yes yes
Use on my clients website no yes yes
Monetized videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Etc. no yes yes
Display at Film Festivals yes yes yes
Display in theaters yes
(one theater)
(unlimited theaters in one country)
Assign Distribution Rights yes yes yes
DVDs & Downloads yes
(up to 2000)
(up to 10000)
In mobile apps no yes yes
Local TV/radio broadcasting (includes advertising) no yes yes
National TV/radio broadcasting (includes advertising) no no yes
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