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New with Sonicfire® Pro 6

Timing Control: Now More Accurate, Better Results.

Timing Control

Timing Control

Move individual beats to align with events in your video –
while keeping the integrity of your music track.

To have the biggest impact on your audience your music has to work perfectly with the visual. Sonicfire Pro includes unique technology that will help you find music that matches the pacing and the timing of your visual sequences. However, if the music doesn't quite align with your on-screen events, our newly improved Timing Control feature allows you to easily move special beats of the music without losing the rhythm or length of the music - and now does it more accurately with better results. Like all Smartsound features, no music experience is required.

Beat Alignment - A New Era

Beat Alignment - On Steroids

"Timing Control Beats" are the new update of one of the most unique features available in the media-creation-industry. These are beats we’ve identified to consistently yield the best results. Now, when you move these beats they will snap to the nearest strong beat and always create an accurate, musical output. When you move a Timing Control Beat, the patented feature retains the location (in time) of your music ending, as well as the integrity of the music piece, as best as possible.

If you are familiar with this feature from Sonicfire® Pro 5 you'll notice that the accuracy and results have been significantly improved in version 6. You can find the "Timing Control" option in the Inspector. If you prefer to access and move all beats with the Timing Control feature, simply keep the Shift-key pressed and you will be able to identify and move every beat individually. Note that the new Timing Control update requires new music library files (the BLX files). If you already own the music, you can download them for free. We have started updating the music library files of the most recent 20 album releases (Click here for list) and will be adding albums from the Smartsound Music Library as fast as possible. All new releases are also available in the new file format. Without the updated files, you will not be able to use the new Timing Control feature.

Applying Timing Control

Applying Timing Control

When working with music and picture, you will inevitably want to emphasize an event or transition in your movie with a distinct musical change. With Sonicfire® Pro 6's newly improved Timing Control capabilities, you can move a beat to align with the events in your picture by simple drag-and-drop method (to retain the music's integrity it will jump to the nearest strong beat).

If a song starts out slow or develops too quickly to fit your video, you can simply change the parameters to customize it to your specific needs. The use of Smartsound's new updated Timing Control is only limited by your imagination.

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