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Alternate Arrangements

Alternate Arrangements

Alternate Arrangements

Create alternate arrangement options, instantly,
at any length.

Adjusting a soundtrack to get the exact right feel is what Smartsound's Sonicfire® Pro Variations is all about. Each track, based upon the length you set, comes with multiple variations or different ways the track is put together. Simply put, these are variable sequences of different parts of the music (i.e. verse, chorus, bridge becoming chorus, bridge, verse). Love the sound but would like to tweak it just a bit? Try a new variation. Alternate Arrangements or variations are inherent in changing the length of a track. Try them yourself.

Built In at Any Custom Length: A Wealth
of Arrangement Options

Alternate Arrangements have a very powerful secondary benefit. When combined with Sonicfire® Pro 6's Mood Mapping technology, these two technologies, can create strikingly different versions of a track - so different infact that it sounds like a completely new track. This is why Smartsound’s library is equivalent to other libraries with hundreds of thousands of tracks. Ours however are all available at the touch of a button and under your complete creative control.

Simple pop-up menus will display a set of alternative arrangements for any length you enter (four seconds and above). These alternate arrangements give you incredible options for defining how the music flows with your video and managing how the various sections of the track play through your scene: Need more intensity early in the scene? Select the Variation with the later, more intense sections of the track - this level of control is a few klicks away.

Applying Alternate Arrangements
At Any Length

Whether in the Search window or the Inspector, simply chose the pop-up menu labelled “Variation”. At most track lengths you will typically see several options for any length. Audition them to choose the variation that reflects the emotions and flow of your scene best. You will be amazed at the variety and power this gives you to tailor the perfect soundtrack to your video.

Additionally, when used along with our Mood-Mapping-technology, Variations can be manipulated to help build or decrease the music’s intensity over the length of a scene. Incredibly useful, incredibly powerful.

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