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Mood Mapping®

Custom Length

Mood Mapping®

Change the instrument mix to connect to your
audience – automated mix control.

Make SmartSound's Multi-Layer Music adapt to the changing moods of your production. Mood Mapping® makes it easy for you to control up to 9 different instrument layers from a single track on the timeline. Try it yourself!

Watch the demo movie or use the interactive demo below:

Mood Mapping Interactive Demo

Click the button under 'Mood" to select a new instrument mix:

Each track can also be adjusted to a Custom Length: Demo

You can also work with multiple variations or arrangements at each length: Demo

Sonicfire® Pro’s Award Winning Mood
Mapping Feature

Set Mood keyframes to change the instrument mix at precise points on the timeline. Use these keyframes to automatically change the mix to match the appropriate intensity, texture, emotion, etc., of your scene as it changes.

What's your Mood?

Set the Mood (or instrument mix) for any area on the timeline. Select a preset Mood Mix from the list in the Mood window of the Inspector, or adjust the sliders to get the perfect custom mix.

Transition Time

Control the transition between moods with this slider. Make a subtle transition by setting it longer or set it to zero to make an immediate transition that emphasizes a change in your video.

Applying Mood Mapping

Mood Mapping is one of the most powerful tools available to taylor music to your video's changing dynamics, energy and emotion. Use it to duck under dialog, or change the mix for different speaker's energy levels and tones. Use it to increase intensity as the scene progresses, or to decrease it after an important point or climax. As with Timing Control, Mood Mapping, unique to SmartSound, gives you full control over what the music is doing at any given point in your video.

If you want to change the location of a Mood keyframe, just click and drag it to a new point on the timeline.
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