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Royalty Free Music Unique To Your Project - Every Time

Build Your Royalty Free Music Library

When you buy royalty free music from SmartSound, it’s always available for you to customize and download directly from our web site or by installing it on your workstation for access with our Sonicfire Pro software.

Build your library

Patented Sonicfire Pro Technology

Save Time With Our Patented Software

Our Professional Soundtrack Creation Technology automatically delivers professional music edits instantly. Adjusting the length, arrangement and instrumentation of every SmartSound track is instantaneous and 100% professional!

Be More Creative

SmartSound technology (Sonicfire Pro) allows you to express your creativity far beyond regular royalty free music. Since our music is totally customizable for length, mood and instrument mix, you can create over 20 million different soundtracks to find that perfect fit for your project.

Be More Creative

Impressive Results

Impress Your Audience

Our royalty free music library is comprised of a hand-picked and professionally curated collection of music. Our music comes from top musicians, film composers, indie bands and independent artists. No sifting through thousands of crowd-sourced tracks. Every SmartSound track is a winner!

Use Legal Music

SmartSound offers one of the most generous worry-free music licenses in the industry. Put SmartSound in your (or your clients) productions and play it anywhere for any amount of time at no additional cost. (*If you need to manufacture more than 10,000 pieces of physical media, you’ll need to contact us for approval...that’s it!)

Adobe Premiere Pro Plugin – CC, CS6, & CS5.x

Start Your Soundtrack Right From Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe PremiereWhen you install SmartSound’s plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro, you can quickly access a soundtrack that is customized to your needs.

Find and Customize Your Soundtrack

Use SmartSound Sonicfire Pro’s powerful Express Track search tool to find the perfect soundtrack from our collection of 1000’s of high-quality royalty free music tracks.

Once you find the perfect music for your soundtrack, use the customization features to select the music length, variation (arrangement) and mood (instrument mix).

Send The Soundtrack to Your Project

Adobe PremiereOnce you’ve got the music personalized for your project, just click the “Send” button and a high-quality version of the song will appear in your Adobe Premiere Pro CC, CS6, or CS5.x project. Drag the new music to your timeline and listen to all the time you saved with Sonicfire Pro and the plug-in for your Adobe product.

Fine-Tune Your Soundtrack FAST with Smart Recall

Enjoy the best Roundtrip Workflow for your soundtracks with Sonicfire Pro’s unique built-in Smart Recall feature. Simply double-click your SmartSound music file from your project bin or timeline and you are magically transported back to your Sonicfire Pro project for that file. Change the length, adjust the instrument mix and much more before sending the song right back to your Adobe project.

Buy the Sonicfire Pro Plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, CS6, & CS5.x

With your purchase of the plugin you get:

  • SmartSound Sonicfire Pro Free 5.8 (for Mac or Windows)
  • The SmartSound Music plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, CS6, & CS5.x (for Mac or Windows)

Just $49.95

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Buy BOTH Adobe Plug-ins and Save!

Save an Extra $20 when you buy the Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effect Plug-ins together!

Both Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects Plugins (CC, CS6, & CS5.x) for $79.95 (Save $20)

Just $79.95

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Add Creative Power with Sonicfire Pro – $149.90

For an additional $99.95, you can upgrade from the Free Sonicfire Pro Express Track to the full version of Sonicfire Pro which gives you amazingly simple and creative music features.

The full version of Sonicfire Pro offers these added capabilities:

  • A multitrack timeline for creating more sophisticated music soundtracks
  • The ability to resize your music with a simple drag and drop on the timeline
  • Advanced Mood Mapping support for changing the instrument mix at specific points on the timeline
  • Bonus Musical Hit Files which can add the perfect swish, boom, bam to your visual events
  • Access to our Timing Control feature…an innovative way to move musical beats to match the timing of your video without losing the original length, rhythm or tempo of your soundtrack
  • Spotting tools which use the markers on your timeline to recommend the best music tempo for each scene
  • A video window so you can import your scenes and watch them in sync with your music timeline to make the music fit perfectly with every detail of your production

Add to your order for just $ amazing value!


  • Sonicfire Pro 5.8 (for Mac or Windows)
  • SmartSound Core Evolution Music Album (10 unique songs in Multi-Layer format…separate instrument layers)
  • SmartSound Hit Pack 1 (38 Musical Effects to emphasize your visual events)

Sonicfire Pro 5.8 and Premiere Pro CC, CS6, & CS5.x Plug-in

Sonicfire Pro 5.8 ($99.95)

Adobe Premiere Pro CC, CS6, & CS5.x Plug-in ($49.95)

Just $149.90

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