Royalty Free Music & Incredible Ways To Customize It

New with Sonicfire® Pro 6

Fully Integrated Search

With Version 6 of Sonicfire® Pro's you get new,
uniquely creative search tools to make your music and editing easier.

Sonicfire® Pro 6 offers the only music search engine that combines meaningful, comparative search choices with a patented, industry leading technology. Customize almost any musical aspect of a track to meet the creative needs of each scene.

Find It - Now!

Powerful search features are essential for a constantly growing royalty free music library containing thousands of tracks. Sonicfire® Pro 6's fully integrated search was designed to help you pinpoint the perfect music in as few steps as possible.

We've combined the sources for track selection with two keyword drop-down menus to help you refine your search quick and precise.

Find it Now

Customize It!

Smartsound pioneered the customizable feature in library music and is the only company to provide a music search engine offering a variety of customization options. Once you have found a track with the powerful search-options, you can adjust final length, arrangement, instrument mix, and tempo.

Customize it


We don't limit you to the common 15, 30, or 60 second cuts you will find in other music libraries. By typeing in the exact length you need for your project, our Integrated Search Engine instantly provides a perfectly edited version of your track in the desired length. The musical parts of the track will be adjusted respectively to fit that length and at the same time remaining it's musical structure.


Once you've selected a length, Sonicfire® Pro's Integrated Search computes all possible musical arrangements available for that exact length. Each Variation is simply a different edit of the track automatically created by our patented technology. You can access and select these options in the "Variation" drop-down menu. In most cases, there are several creative options for every track at any length.


The list of preset Moods gives you instant access to different instrument mixes that can create a diverse set of sounds from a single track. You can select from preset moods like Drum & Bass, Dialog, Atmosphere, Breakdown, and more, to get a custom sound quickly or create your own mix. The combination of the Mood and Variation options provides you with an almost unlimited scope to quickly tweak a music track to better fit your video.

Search Mood
Mood Mix

Mood Mix

The mix panel lets you precisely adjust each instrument layer, for example removing an instrument or fine-tune one of the preset Moods.

Use It!

Using Smartsound Music in your productions is a simple process. Once you've customized your selected track, simply export it as "Audio for Digital Video, 48k" file or "Audio CD file, 44k".

And choose whether you want to export the music as a single file or save each instrument layer separately. This will allow you to fine tune the music further in your editing software and also gives you the option of creating a surround sound music mix.

The Open In Bin feature allows you to take a Smartsound track into the Sonicfire® Pro Bin Tab where you have access to, and control over, all of Smartsound's segmented sections we call "Blocks". This provides you with even more customization options and flexibility in working with Smartsound music.

Search Use It
Tempo and Pitch Change

Tempo and Pitch Change

Sonicfire® Pro 6 lets you adjust the tempo and pitch of every Smartsound Music track. Simply select a new tempo and adjust the pitch to make a completely new track. You will now have the original and the new tempo of this track available and still keep full control over customizing both versions.

The Inspector Window

The newly integrated Inspector Window provides any necessary information on the track you currently highlighted in the Integrated Search track list. Information on composer, publisher (for cue sheets), Beats Per Minute, length of track, Frames Per Beat, and lyrics (if existing) are all easily accessible in this window. Want to keep track of your library? The User Notes feature allows you to type in your own notes to remember, for example, where to use a certain track or whether you’ve used a track before. Additionally, the User Notes are searchable in the keyword searching of Sonicfire® Pro 6's Integrated Search.

Applying Fully Integrated Search

Integrating the search-functionality with the timeline and other technology makes it more convenient for you to find just the right track for your needs. Based on the particular situation while working on your project, it allows you to decide respectively whether the creative controls in Search suffice or you need additional options available through the Timeline. Since these selections are all in one interface, there is more flexibility for you to switch between them and find your suitable creative options.

With the Integrated Search you now determine and simplify your personal workflow, having all tools available instantly.

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