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SmartSound Sonicfire Pro Updates

Sonicfire Pro 4

Who needs this update?

This update is for owners of SmartSound Sonicfire Pro version 4.x

What version is this update?

The version of this update is version 4.5.5 (released 11/02/2007)

Why should I update Sonicfire Pro

  • Compatibility with MacOS Leopard 10.5 and bug fix for Windows Vista (4.5.5)
  • Fixed bug where some purchased Cues would not be recognized (4.5.4)
  • Fixed export to Final Cut Pro Studio 2
  • Improved Windows Vista compatibility - Now requires QuickTime 7.2 or later (4.5.4)
  • Fixed bug in 4.5 where you couldn't enter a space in the User Notes area (Windows)
  • Smart Recall™ - Embeds special SmartSound project data in exported AIF and Wav files.
  • Ability to export a report with cue data which helps with cue sheeting
  • Improved speed with library database maintenance
  • Optional Network Enabled edition (special licensing requirements.

Download the Update

Macintosh Users Download the Sonicfire Pro version 4.55 update here (18.4mb)

Windows Users Download the Sonicfire Pro version 4.55 update here (21.1mb)

After migrating I am not able to access my sound files in Sonicfire Pro 4.