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Build Your Royalty Free Music Library

When you buy royalty free music from SmartSound, it’s always available for you to customize and download directly from our web site or by installing it on your workstation for access with our Sonicfire Pro software.

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Patented Sonicfire Pro Technology

Save Time With Our Patented Software

Our Professional Soundtrack Creation Technology automatically delivers professional music edits instantly. Adjusting the length, arrangement and instrumentation of every SmartSound track is instantaneous and 100% professional!

Be More Creative

SmartSound technology (Sonicfire Pro) allows you to express your creativity far beyond regular royalty free music. Since our music is totally customizable for length, mood and instrument mix, you can create over 20 million different soundtracks to find that perfect fit for your project.

Be More Creative

Impressive Results

Impress Your Audience

Our royalty free music library is comprised of a hand-picked and professionally curated collection of music. Our music comes from top musicians, film composers, indie bands and independent artists. No sifting through thousands of crowd-sourced tracks. Every SmartSound track is a winner!

Use Legal Music

SmartSound offers one of the most generous worry-free music licenses in the industry. Put SmartSound in your (or your clients) productions and play it anywhere for any amount of time at no additional cost. (*If you need to manufacture more than 10,000 pieces of physical media, you’ll need to contact us for approval...that’s it!)

SmartSound University

Adobe After Effects Tutorials

After Effects CC 2014 Plugin Workflow

Professor: Jeff Foster | Class Time: 7 minutes 12 seconds

Watch this video

Motion Graphics Expert Jeff Foster demonstrates how to use the SmartSound After Effects CC 2014 Plug-in for Sonicfire Pro 5.8 to create fully customized audio soundtracks with an easy and efficient workflow.

Soundtrack & Motion Graphics with After Effects CS5

Professor: Jeff Foster | Class Time: 9 minutes 58 seconds

Watch this video

Motion graphics expert Jeff Foster shows you how to use Sonicfire Pro 5 to match your Soundtrack to Motion Graphics Elements with After Effects CS5. This project features a heavily animated sequence for introducing a television show. Jeff shows how to use music building block or Timing Control to make the musical events match the events in the sequence. Whether you fit your project to the music or you need music to fit your project, SmartSound Sonicfire Pro offers the perfect solution.