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Did you know? You can use Quicktracks to edit any track on our website. Below the Broadcast Lengths use the
Custom Lengths to create the perfect soundtrack for your video.

All SmartSound music can be customized to any length, but we've limited this demo to 60 seconds.

Welcome to SmartSound!

Every song in our music library can be customized to any length you choose. Try some different lengths here. While our online customization limits you to four minutes, there are no limits in our free Sonicfire Pro software. Purchase any music from SmartSound and you can customize it this way for the rest of your life.

Variation: This is our name for a different musical arrangement. These are all different edits of the same song. As soon as you select a length, we'll calculate all the possible variations we can provide.

Mood: This is our name for the instrument mix. Most of our music is delivered with control over the separate instrument tracks. This allows you to get much more creativity from a single song or just remove unwanted instruments.

SmartSound offers infinite editing options
so you get professional results in seconds.
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Once you try these free tracks you'll want to use SmartSound royalty free music for all your productions!

SmartSound Quicktracks

Easily Customize Music In The Cloud

Quicktracks Award Winning Software
  • Customized to fit your project
  • Immediate Download
  • Perfect Beginnings and Endings
  • Different Variations and Moods
  • Millions of Customized Music Downloads
  • High Quality Audio Files (WAV, AIFF, OGG, MP3)

Quicktracks – Edit On The Web In The Cloud

Why Quicktracks?

Quicktracks is the most creative royalty free music library available online. Its Award Winning music customization features are based upon SmartSound's patented Sonicfire Pro software.

Why Is It Different?

Other royalty free music sites only let you download Broadcast Cuts (15, 30, 60 seconds, etc.)...and they typically charge you separately for each cut! Not Quicktracks. Quicktracks' patented customization gives you the ability to download music customized to the exact length you need. Each edit is professional and unique with a perfect musical beginning, middle and ending. And, each song is usually over 3 minutes of original music, so there won't be a lot of endless looping.

It gets better. With Quicktracks, like Sonicfire Pro, you can easily control the instrument mix of our Multi-Layer music to make every download sound like it was custom-made for your production. It's easy and fast! Try it out!

How Quicktracks Works

SmartSound's patented soundtrack creation solution for the web. Three easy steps to creating customized soundtracks on the web.

1. Find A Track

Search the entire SmartSound music library online to find a track that fits your scene. You can purchase new royalty free music tracks on the fly or focus on music that you already own. With an Annual or Monthly subscription you can access the entire library.

2. Customize & Edit

Customize the music selection for your scene. Based upon the track you selected choose the following customizable outputs:

Length: Set the length you need for your scene
Variation: Select the musical arrangement
Mood: Set the instrument mix

3. Choose the File Type, Download & Use

Listen to the customized music selection you have created. Download the file for use. You can download several types of files for use, including: MP3, WAV, AIFF, OGG

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Full access Annual Subscriptions starting at $199 (personal) and $999 (commercial). Please contact us for additional information.