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SmartSound Sonicfire Pro Updates

Multimedia 1.5

Who needs this update?

This update is for owners of SmartSound For Multimedia 1.5

What version is this update?

  • Windows - Verison 1.5.5
  • Macintosh - Version 1.6.6

Why should I update SmartSound for Multimedia?

  • Provides support for the new Sound Palette series of sound effects CDs.
  • Default Export format was removed from preferences.
  • Added an easy way to specify where the 'Sound Files' folder is stored.
  • You can now copy more than one sound file at a time using the Librarian.
  • Other Bugs

Download the Update

Macintosh Users Download the SmartSound For Multimedia 1.6.6 update here (590kb)

Windows Users Download the SmartSound For Multimedia 1.5.5 update here (2.4mb)