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SmartSound Sonicfire Pro Updates

Quicktracks 5.1.8 update for Avid Liquid 7

Who needs this update?

SmartSound Quicktracks adds soundtracks to a number of video editing applications.  This update is for owners of Avid Liquid 7

What version is this update?

This installer will update Quicktracks to version  If you are not sure what version you are currently running, please open the SmartSound options window which can be found in the music window of your program.  In this window, under the about tab, you will find the version number ( ).  Upon installation, the updater may prompt you with a message that it is going to uninstall your current version.  If so, click OK, however you will need to run the updater again once the uninstall is complete.

Why should I update Quicktracks?

The purpose of this update is to provide the latest release of SmartSound Quicktracks.  In addition, the update offers compatibility with Vista, QuickTime 7, faster decompression of single track downloads, improved purchase process, compatibility between different partner applications and general bug fixes for older versions.

Download the Update

PLEASE READ: When you click this download link make sure to Save the installer to your computer. Do Not choose to run the installer from the web.  Save the file to your Desktop and after you run the installer and verify that it was successful, you may delete the installer.  Make sure that you have Exited Avid before running the installer.

Download SmartSound Quicktracks (9.9mb) >

How to back-up your SmartSound library database

Trouble Shooting

Troubleshoot errors 1316 & 1603