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Royalty Free Music & Incredible Ways To Customize It

SmartSound / Adobe Partnership

Multiple Products

Adobe Premiere ElementsSmartSound has partnered with Adobe on numerous products and technologies over more than a decade. Adobe understands the value of SmartSound's patented customizable music technology and vast royalty free music library. Learn about the Adobe products that support SmartSound and shop for more music for your Adobe products here.

Latest Releases

Adobe Premiere Elements 10

This new version of Premiere Elements features a new Sonicfire Pro integration that works for both Windows and Mac users. Sonicfire Pro software and the Core Foundations music album are included free.

Windows Download Mac and Universal Download

Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects

No SmartSound software is included with these products, so SmartSound has created plug-ins for these applications. You may see some promotion of these products by Adobe, but they are sold separately from CS5, CS5.5, and CS6.

Learn more about these Plug-ins:
Premiere Pro CS5, CS5.5, & CS6
After Effects CS5, CS5.5, & CS6

What users are saying ...

""What Brilliant Musical Firepower! I found just the right selections for the music tracks for the video we created for Conejo Valley Days (Tribal Warfare and Country Traveler). Smartsound makes it SO EASY to slide the music bar to lengthen or shorten the sound so that the music never sounds choppy. Oh, and if you want to see the 1 minute video that uses this genius music, check it out at You'll see instantly the power you'll get!" Paul Wagner, The Software Magician"

Paul Wagner, USA

"Great product, started beta testing some years ago, and have been hooked. I'm currently training my clients to use Express Track so that working collaboratively is even possible. Keep up the quality work."

L Scott, U.S.A.

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