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"The ability of the Sonicfire Pro 5 Express track to compose the exact duration for the vision is a real time saver and puts it well ahead of any other music software. "

R Cowland, Austrailia

"You have a very easy to use product, I love it."

D. K. Kidner, U.S.A.

"Don't know what I'd do without it. I was at postapalousa in Michigan and was suprised everyone did not know about it. It's amazing also how some people don't understand or care about copyright. Now that YouTube deletes copyrighted songs, they're starting to get it."

S Kammeraad, Canada

"You have a great product and a necessity for me to create a first class production. Thank You!"

D Crosswhite, U.S.A.

"Love Smartsound! I use it all the time. Can't wait to get funding to buy more."

R Cowling, U.S.A.

"I love SmartSound products and depend on Sonicfire Pro to provide polished and professional customized scores for my video projects. The combination of the application and the excellent music tracks are truly second to none, and I never hesitate to recommend them to others in my field. Keep up the great work."

J Jones, U.S.A.

"I am extremely happy with SmartSound. The customizable controls are a huge asset, and set SmartSound head and shoulders above every other royalty-free music service."

J Krinsky, U.S.A.

""What Brilliant Musical Firepower! I found just the right selections for the music tracks for the video we created for Conejo Valley Days (Tribal Warfare and Country Traveler). Smartsound makes it SO EASY to slide the music bar to lengthen or shorten the sound so that the music never sounds choppy. Oh, and if you want to see the 1 minute video that uses this genius music, check it out at You'll see instantly the power you'll get!" Paul Wagner, The Software Magician"

Paul Wagner, USA

"Love smartsound. Have MANY CDs"

S Brakey, U.S.A.


J Travis, U.S.A.

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