Royalty Free Music & Incredible Ways To Customize It

Smartsound/Avid/Pinnacle Partnership

What is the "Studio" series from Pinnacle?

Avid / PinnaclePinnacle’s Studio video editing software is software that allows people to create and edit movies. It comes in a variety of configurations depending on your needs and these various configurations all support Smartsound Quicktracks music scoring software. If you have version 10 or earlier, Smartsound Quicktracks should already be on your computer.

Smartsound Quicktracks opens up a new world of musical choice and style available only from Smartsound. This is real music, not “Midi” or synthesized music and all Smartsound music is designed to take advantage of the great Smartsound benefits that have made it the industry standard in automated music scoring. These benefits include precise timing of music to your video, choices of different variations or arrangements at every custom length and thousands of available music tracks. And, adding more Smartsound music to enhance your Studio movies is a snap!

Adding More Music

There are many Smartsound music options to choose from. Our Movie Background Music CDs are affordably priced for home users making movies for personal use. The Smartsound Audio Palette, Producer and Edge series of music CDs contain an enormous spectrum of music licensed for broadcast and professional use at a fantastic price. Our Sound Palette series provides a range of sound effects for your projects. And stay tuned for our exciting, new collection from the world famous catalog of EMI Music. This series of disks will bring you the actual music themes and scores from some of the greatest movies and TV shows ever made! (Licensed for home and educational use only). Watch for this great new series soon! Preview our entire Smartsound music catalog online.

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