Royalty Free Music & Incredible Ways To Customize It

Smartsound Royalty Free Music License Info

Royalty Free Music purchased from the Smartsound web site is licensed for One Seat of Sonicfire Pro software per user. (For Quicktracks Annual licenses click here). For use with the Sonicfire Pro software a single user may use music purchased on up to 2 different computers provided they are the sole user of those computers.

Smartsound has two license options for our individual tracks: Extended License and Widest License. To see a chart comparing the different licenses, please click here. On certain albums these track licenses will be designated as “PRO Free". This means that this music has been specifically created to exclude control by European and other foreign nations Performance Rights Organizations (PROs). Smartsound music, even without the PRO Free designation, is almost never flagged by the European PROs so Smartsound’s music in general is quite safe to use worldwide (see license). However this option may be good for you if your distribution focus (over and above the web) will be Europe or other countries outside the U.S. and Canada.

All albums, album packs and singles packs are offered using the Extended License. Should you be interested in upgrading any individual track from an album you own or a pack you’ve purchased to the Widest License, contact us for a quote and explain the scope of your project to us to obtain a Widest License.

Producers, editors and media creators working in and from Europe may be subject to different requirements for the use of music in their countries. Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) in Europe have different regulations regarding the collection of royalties than do their American and Canadian counterparts and are not under our control. For American and Canadian producers who are offering films and media for exhibit or sale in Europe most PROs there do not treat the music any differently than in the US and there are rarely any issues. If an issue does arise we can supply you with documentation indicating your valid use and license. Again, this is extremely rare as our customers rarely report any problems at all.

For producers, editors, media creators, etc. working from and in European countries other requirements and regulations may apply. Please see our list of Smartsound GEMA-free music. This is music specifically cleared for use by foreign media creators in these territories. Again, this applies only to media creators from those foreign countries.

We also offer an Annual subscription, which uses our Cloud-based Quicktracks technology. The Annual subscription license is similar to, but has a few differences from, our Extended License. Please see the Quicktracks Annual License for more information.


License Comparison Chart

Extended License

Widest License

Quicktracks Annual License

Smartsound GEMA-free Albums



Extended Widest
Customizable with Sonicfire Pro and Quicktracks yes yes
Unlimited lifetime customizations yes yes
Personal, non-commercial use yes yes
Professional, commercial, for-profit use yes yes
Promote a product or service yes yes
Videos created for a third party yes yes
Monetized videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Etc. yes yes
Display at Film Festivals yes yes
Display in theaters Unlimited In One Country Unlimited, Internationally
Assign Distribution Rights yes yes
DVDs & Downloads Up To 10000 Unlimited
Local TV/radio broadcasting/advertising yes yes
National TV/radio broadcasting/advertising no yes
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