Sonicfire® Pro 6

Alternate Arrangements.

Alternate Arrangements

Create alternate arrangement options, instantly, at any length.

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Alternate Arrangements Demo
Click the button under 'Variation' to select a new variation

Minutes / Seconds

Demo is 15 seconds



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Each track can be adjusted to a custom length Demo

You can also control the Mood of your soundtrack Demo

Built In at Any Custom Length: A Wealth of Arrangement Options


Adjusting a soundtrack to get the exact right feel is what SmartSound's Sonicfire® Pro Variations is all about. Each track - based upon the length of time you set – comes with multiple variations or different ways that the track is put together, different sequences of different parts of the music (i.e. verse, chorus, bridge becoming chorus, bridge, verse). Love the sound but would like to tweak it just a bit? Try a new variation. Alternate Arrangements - Variations - are inherent in the changing of the length of the track - you get a flexibility twofer.

Alternate Arrangements have a very powerful secondary benefit. When combined with Sonicfire® Pro 6's Mood Mapping technology, these two technologies, used together, can create strikingly different versions of the track, so different that often the track itself sounds like a completely different track. This is why SmartSound’s library is equivalent to other libraries with hundreds of thousands of tracks. Ours however, are all available at the touch of a button and under your complete creative control.

The newly integrated Inspector Window is where you will find all the necessary information on any track highlighted in the Integrated Search track list. Track info such as Composer, Publisher (for cue sheets), Beats Per Minute, Length of Track, Frames Per Beat and Lyrics (if the track has them), are all easily accessible in this window. Want to keep track of your tracks? The User Notes feature allows you to type any kind of notes... like where a certain track might be a good fit or where you’ve already used the track before. These User Notes are searchable in the keyword searching of Sonicfire® Pro 6's Integrated Search.

Inspector Window