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Timing Control in SONICFIRE PRO

Timing ControlTiming Control easily and seamlessly aligns SmartSound Music with the events in your video

For royalty free music to have the biggest impact on your audience it has to work perfectly with the visual. Sonicfire Pro includes unique technology that will help you find music that matches the pacing and the timing of your visual sequences. If the music doesn't quite align with your on-screen events, the Timing Control feature allows you to easily move the major beats of the music without losing the rhythm or length of the music. Like all SmartSound features, no music experience is required.

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Timing ControlSmartSound has been relentless in providing solutions to overcome the limitations of traditional library music by empowering a new level of creativity through technological innovation. Sonicfire Pro 5’s Timing Control features are the biggest new innovation in customizing library music. Now you can adjust when the section changes occur in a track or move a perfect musical beat to match an event in your video. Simply select the “Timing Control” option and these new controls are at your fingertips.

Beat Alignment

When working with music and picture, you will inevitably need to emphasize an event or transition with a distinct musical change. With Sonicfire Pro 5’s new beat alignment capability, you can now grab a beat and move it to align perfectly with the events in your picture.

With “Snap to Beat” enabled, your new change will be in rhythm and the total length of the track will be automatically preserved.

Section Changes

Timing ControlIf a song starts out slow and develops too quickly for your video, you can now simply change the music sections to allow more time before the song develops into its full sections.

You can easily control the arrangement of the song to conform to the dynamic changes in your story.

Insert Hit Files

Timing ControlWhen an event on screen calls for a musical hit or sound effect, the new “Insert Hit File” feature will come in handy. Sonicfire Pro 5 Scoring Edition comes with a collection of cymbal swells and crashes, whooshes, and dozens of other sounds that are ideal for highlighting a specific event in your scene.

Perfect Position

Since hit files have their peak sound at different times, Sonicfire Pro 5 automatically adjusts each hit file so that its peak is exactly where you want it.

Cycle Through Hits

A keyboard shortcut allows you to quickly cycle through all of the available hit files. It will automatically play 2 second before and after your hit file so you can quickly hear which one works best.