Sonicfire® Pro 6

Create Custom Lengths.

Custom Length

Save hours of editing with our patented ability to customize the length of any music track - instantly.

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Custom Length Demo
Change the seconds field to hear a new version of the track


Demo (only) limited from 4 to 60 seconds.



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Each custom length has multiple variations for instrument Mix and Mood Demo

You can also work with multiple Variations Demo

Sonicfire® Pro’s Iconic Custom Length Feature

Production Music that actually ends when your scene ends adds impact and emotion. When it comes to adding Custom Length music to your productions, we understand that every project is unique. Instead of the pre-timed cuts offered by other music companies, SmartSound's patented technology can be used to automatically deliver any SmartSound track at any length. Every edit has a perfect beginning, middle and ending and accuracy is either precise or typically within 1/10 of a second.

This capability alone will save you hours of editing without having to compromise an ounce of quality. Since SmartSound is real music played by real musicians, not just midi or synthesizer music, this is like having your own personal music editor on hand anytime you need it. When you can't or shouldn’t cut the scene to the music, SmartSound's Custom Length feature is a godsend, allowing you to keep the integrity of your video and your story.

In Sonicfire® Pro 6's new integrated interface simple numeric entry gets an amazing and magical result – a real music track exactly the length you typed in.

Custom Length
Custom Length
Custom Length

Sonicfire® Pro 6 integrates the timeline, store and search functions into one screen putting everything at your fingertips and giving you more control and flexibility. A music track on the timeline can be resized a number of ways including simply dragging the handle on its end to where you want the new ending to be. SmartSound's powerful, patented technology rebuilds the track under the hood automatically as you drag it; giving you a new ending for the music that now matches your new video location, perfectly. Remarkable technology, easy-to-use, powerful results.