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When you buy royalty free music from SmartSound, it’s always available for you to customize and download directly from our web site or by installing it on your workstation for access with our Sonicfire Pro software.

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Our Professional Soundtrack Creation Technology automatically delivers professional music edits instantly. Adjusting the length, arrangement and instrumentation of every SmartSound track is instantaneous and 100% professional!

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SmartSound technology (Sonicfire Pro) allows you to express your creativity far beyond regular royalty free music. Since our music is totally customizable for length, mood and instrument mix, you can create over 20 million different soundtracks to find that perfect fit for your project.

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Our royalty free music library is comprised of a hand-picked and professionally curated collection of music. Our music comes from top musicians, film composers, indie bands and independent artists. No sifting through thousands of crowd-sourced tracks. Every SmartSound track is a winner!

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SmartSound offers one of the most generous worry-free music licenses in the industry. Put SmartSound in your (or your clients) productions and play it anywhere for any amount of time at no additional cost. (*If you need to manufacture more than 10,000 pieces of physical media, you’ll need to contact us for approval...that’s it!)

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Free Royalty Free Music for Schools

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We offer free royalty free music for schools, for student projects, and personal use. You can also find a small selection of free royalty free music in our public free music section, and we have free royalty free music for YouTube videos.


Cartoon Capers

by Julie Meerbaum Bernstein | Steven Ray Bernstein

This frantic track evokes the spirit of children's TV cartoon classics. Perfect for scenes featuring excited, energetic children.

Nice Work

by Nick B Brown

This bouncy, happy acoustic number can boost the fun factor by 10. Try it on your next motivational reel.

Aether Dance

by Guennadi Malyshevski

Percolating percussiveness merge with atmospheric textures in this relaxing chillout selection.

Covert Operation

by Ron Sorbo

This secret agent jazz track can take on any mission, however challenging. Punchy brass phrases keep the sophistication at code orange.

Worlds Beyond

by Ron Sorbo

This bold and adventurous theme sets the stage for an epic tale. The expansive orchestration can whisk your viewer to other galaxies.

Young At Heart

by Francisco Becker

A light and uplifting orchestral waltz, ideal for adding a little cheer to your storyboard.


by Jeff Marsh

Flute and classical guitar are featured in this delicately refined, passionate arrangement of Faure's classic. It could be poignantly used in a dramatic love story or a touching series of wedding photos.

Sparkling Smiles

by Pierre Gerwig Langer

A perky, poppy fun kids' number that can brighten up any project. Features exuberant brass lines.

Lucky Break

by Pierre Gerwig Langer

With a bouncy and fat foundation, this pop groove pours on the fun. Guaranteed to put a smile on your viewers.

Road Trip

by Guy Moon

Taking a cue from turn-of-the-century pop-rock trends, this cut captures the outdoor grit that is motorized sports.

Social Blindness

by Guy Moon

Sleekly grooved, and sometimes desolate, this track touches upon today's pop-rock sound. Works great as a narration bed.

Takin' A Drive

by Dor David Amarilio

Enjoy a leisurely amble down the backroads with this relaxing piece. Accordions and acoustic guitars provide a comforting feel in taking the path less traveled.

The Final Stand

by Chris O'Brien

Stoic strings over furious percussive hits give this piece a powerful sense of resurrection and renewal. Perfect for that moment when the good guys strike back.

Julie's Place

by Emerson Palame | Emilio Palame

Slide into a candlelit booth and dig the sounds of this jazz quintet going to work. A smokey track full of swingin' solos, perfect for all scenes that need a classy boost. Features muted trumpet, piano and vibes.

Movie Logos

by Mike Hooker

Powerful logo effects to give your production that 'big-budget' feel.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can this music be used for commercial projects?

No, this music is not licensed for commercial use. A commercial project is any project that generates money or is created to promote a for-profit business or activity. If you would like to use music that is fully cleared for commercial use, check out our Royalty Free Music Library.

Can I use this music on my YouTube videos?

Yes, you can use the music in your personal home videos and in videos that you upload to a non-commercial YouTube account or for in-school projects. If you have an agreement with YouTube to earn money for your video, that would be considered a commercial use. If you would like to use music that is fully cleared for commercial use, check out our Royalty Free Music Library.

Can I use this music for a television broadcast?

If it is a public television broadcast, you should use our Royalty Free Music Library. You may use this music if the broadcast is only played within the school property.

Can we use this music in our Video Yearbook?

If you are selling the video yearbook, you should use our Royalty Free Music Library. If the videos are played in the classroom or provided at no charge to students, you may use this music.

My school doesn't have a .ORG or .EDU domain. What can I do?

If your school does not have a .ORG or .EDU domain, we will add an exception to our system if you are hosting the music on an school web site. Send us your school web site URL and request that we add it to our Free Music for Schools page. Note: If your domain name contains "school", "k12" or "college" please try it before sending the request because it may already work.


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Non-Commercial Music License


SmartSound® Non-Commercial Music Limited License


The provided music and audio content is the copyrighted property of SmartSound Software, Inc. and/or its licensors ("SSI") and is licensed to you solely for your enjoyment and non-commercial use. Such ownership and related interests are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. You may adapt, synchronize, reproduce and distribute the musical compositions, lyrics and other audio contained herein only for private viewing/listening in your home, or as part of non-commercial (not for profit) use on the web site. Any performance or presentation for profit or other commercial use is strictly prohibited. In addition, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless SSI from all costs and expenses arising or resulting from claims for royalties by ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or similar performing rights societies or organizations for any such unauthorized use of the musical or audio contents contained herein.

Federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction, distribution and exhibition of copyrighted music or audio tapes, discs or other media. Copyright infringement is investigated by the FBI and may constitute a felony with a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison and/or $250,000 fine.



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If you are the administrator of such a site, please add the following html code to your website:

Click here to get <a href="">Free Royalty Free Music for Schools!</a> <br />
Free music is not licensed for commercial use. If you would like to use music that is fully cleared for commercial use, check out our <a href="">Royalty Free Music Library.</a>

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