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SmartSound® Educational Pricing Options

Please note, you must use an educational institution delivery address* when you order, fax an educational ID, or purchase using an educational institution purchase order to qualify for the following pricing. See the Ordering section below to place your order.

The SmartSound Teacher Bundle - $500

Ideal for the teacher who needs to create royalty-free, custom music soundtracks for their individual or classroom projects.  This package provides you with a fantastic deal to get the most powerful, fun and creative music solution into your classroom. Get one copy of Sonicfire® Pro to be installed on only one computer and 15 albums of music (230 tracks!) designed to work with this unique, patented soundtrack creation software. The teacher and students can use this one computer to create customized music soundtracks for any of their projects. [Order Info]

You get:

  • A single computer license of Sonicfire Pro
  • The following SmartSound music discs (no substitutions please):
All About The Blues Edgy Drama TV Light Speed
Atmospheric Jazz Emotional Depth Quiet Storm
Core Foundations Fearless Energy Reality Drama TV
Core Sessions Full Spectrum Spiritual Outreach
Corporate Ambition Heroic Overtures Theatrical Impact
(NEW!) Core Evolution

SmartSound Lab Packs for Professional Media Creation Instruction

SmartSound’s Sonicfire Pro is the leading music soundtrack tool in the creative media industry. Used by thousands of professionals the world over, it is the go-to product when a professional wants to create a high quality, professionally sounding score for their media project. It is already being widely taught in such top media schools as Los Angeles Film School, Video Symphony (Burbank CA), Columbia College (Chicago Film School), Hoftsra University (New York), Full Sail University, University of Washington, Auburn University and many more.

All the following packages are multi-user editions, meaning they work in a networked environment and can share the SmartSound music off a central server. The license fee is for the software and if you are starting from scratch we will include two discs of music, Core Foundations and Core Sessions for no extra charge (no substitutions allowed, but you can add additional music to your order). The license for each seat also includes all the rights you need to share all the SmartSound music you own, or purchase in the future. In other words, once you have the number of multi-user Sonicfire Pro licenses you need installed, you will always be able to come back in the future and purchase more music – at the single user price – and share it among all the licensed computers. As with the other options above, if you purchase The SmartSound® Teacher Bundle, that music can be shared among all the licensed seats of Sonicfire Pro. [Order Info]

There are two “flavors” of Sonicfire Pro for Multi-User Networks:

  • Sonicfire Pro Includes shared network capability, works on either Mac or Windows computers, regular price - $199.90
  • Sonicfire Pro with Final Cut Pro Plug-In, same as above, except it includes our special plug-in for Final Cut Pro and of course is design to be used only on Macs, regular price - $249.85

Sonicfire Pro Lab Pack Options:

# Of Users
Sonicfire Pro
(Win, Mac or Both)
SmartSound Part #
Sonicfire Pro
w/Final Cut Pro Plug-in (Mac Only)
SmartSound Part #
Lab Pack 10
Lab Pack 15
Lab Pack 20
Lab Pack 25

We have lab packs available for other configurations (12 seats,17 seats, etc.) as well district pricing. All Lab Pack pricing is per-location. If you are interested other configurations, district pricing or multiple locations, please call for pricing.


To order your Sonicfire Pro educational product, you can fax your order using a school purchase order to 818-450-1499, or you can email your purchase order to Please make sure to identify the educational product you would like from the products above, and address the purchase order to:

SmartSound Software, Inc.
PO Box 6268
Beaufort, SC 29903
Attn: Sales

If you need to submit a quote or invoice to purchasing we will be glad to create one for you, call 1-800-454-1900 with your info or fax it to 818-450-1499.

* An educational institution is defined as one that is qualified to receive federal and state educational funding

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Educational Pricing

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