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Hit Packs for Sonicfire® Pro - Now featuring BOOM Library Sound FX -
Add percussive and production element accents at just the right moment in your video

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SmartSound offers great sound effects - the Hit Packs. One is already included with Sonicfire Pro 6, free. These packs offer a vast array of sound effects and production elements to add the perfect accent to every visual event. The files on these packs are designed specifically to work with the "Hit Files" feature in Sonicfire Pro 6 that helps you easily find the right sound for your scene.


The ultimate sound collection for trailers, musical transitions, action scenes, home videos, cinematic fiction and more! Overwhelm your audience with raw power, high detail and dazzling character, made by BOOM Library: Professional Sound FX.

Mechanicals by BOOM Library

Mechanicals comes with 96 ready-to-use sounds organized by size (LARGE, MEDIUM, SMALL, TINY). VAULT DOORS, SECRET MECHANISMS, CLOCKWORKS, DRAWBRIDGES, mechanical processes of any size, you name it.

(96 unique sounds)

Creatures by BOOM Library

Huge and rumbling beasts, tiny and nasty insects, brutal and slippery zombies: This collection includes sets of outstandingly evil creatures, with various different moods in each set, including calm, attack, hurt, tense, die.

(75 unique sounds)

Assault Weapons & Silencers by BOOM Library

Get your hands on the trigger of this great collection of high-end gunshot recordings in three different styles (DISTANT | MODERN | CLOSE) and SilencerCo suppressors in two (REALISTIC | RICOCHET).

(182 unique sounds)

TOONS by BOOM Library

Do you want tomake your cartoon world fully come to life with HORNS, SQUEAKS, PLOPS or WHISTLES? BOOM TOONS! SFX got you covered.

(185 unique sounds)

The Interface by BOOM Library

Get 170 different ready-to-use interface sound effects: BUTTONS, CLICKS, SLIDES, JINGLES and more. Whether it’s for movies, presentations, or any media production – THE INTERFACE is your best choice.

(170 unique sounds)

Cinematic Trailers 2 by BOOM Library

Cinematic Trailers 2 offers a vast selection of high-quality WHOOSHES, HITS, CRACKS, BOUNCES, SLAMS, TRANSITIONS, RISES, DROPS – everything you need to instantly draw attention to your movie, trailer, teaser, presentation, podcast or promotion video.

(177 unique sounds)

Cinematic Metal by BOOM Library

Get ready to pound your speakers with this edgy, hard hitting collection of brazen SFX, ranging from HIGH SWEETENERS and highly manipulated EERIE LOGO HITS to HUGE CINEMATIC IMPACT and EPIC CRASHES.

(170 unique sounds)

Cinematic Darkness by BOOM Library

The key collection for your next dark film, trailer or other spine-chilling projects. Get ready for mad NOISE TERROR, evil SCREAMS, weird GLITCHES, BOOMS, deep HITS, scary DRONES, science STUTTERS, TENSION BUILDERS and much more!

(170 unique sounds)

Sci-Fi by BOOM Library

Achieve mind-blowing transitions and effects with blockbuster-grade Sci-Fi sounds ranging from highly detailed ROBOTICS over ENERGY FIELDS and futuristic MACHINERY to various SPACESHIPS, WEAPONRY and ALARMS!

(169 unique sounds)

Cinematic Hits by BOOM Library

Hard hitting, massive, devastating. Featuring LOW BOOMS, EPIC DRUMS, FIERY IMPACTS, DISTORTED CRASHES, SCI-FI HITS, SLAMS, SWEETENERS and more, this collection is as “hit pack” as it gets!

(139 unique sounds)

Medieval Weapons by BOOM Library

Hugely satisfying and authentic weapon SFX from a land far, far away! SWINGS, IMPACTS, WEAPON DRAWS, FLYBYS, LAUNCHES, and much more are guaranteed to add momentum and fierce action to your next video!

(178 unique sounds)

Cinematic Horror by BOOM Library

Make your audience tremble with these purely evil and terrifying SFX! Cinematic Horror is packed with shocking IMPACTS, STINGERS, WHOOSHES, CREAKS, VOCAL MADNESS, SCREAMS, CREEPY BUILDUPS and more!

(174 unique sounds)

Magic by BOOM Library

Straight from the masters of the elements - such as fire, water, ice and lightning - this hit pack offers a wide variety of FIERCE IMPACTS, POWERFUL WHOOSHES and ENCHANTING FLAVOURS to put a spell on your audience.

(131 unique sounds)

Cinematic Trailers by BOOM Library

Huge IMPACTS, WHOOSHES, TRANSITIONS and RISES. You can do some real magic with this collection! This pack will install Hit Files for use with Sonicfire® Pro 6.

(155 unique sounds)

Heavy Hits & Impacts by Blastwave FX

Capture attention and add impact to your message! This pack will install Hit Files for use with Sonicfire® Pro 6.

(40 unique sounds)

Sci-Fi & Suspense by Blastwave FX

Stir emotions with this gripping collection of sounds. This pack will install Hit Files for use with Sonicfire® Pro 6.

(40 unique sounds)

Swells & Whooshes by Blastwave FX

Create a dramatic effect for your logos and other important messages. This pack will install Hit Files for use with Sonicfire® Pro 6.

(40 unique sounds)

3 Hit Packs by Blastwave FX

Boast with professional sound design by choosing from 3 diverse Hit Packs. This bundle will install 3 packs containing Hit Files for use with Sonicfire® Pro 6.

(120 unique sounds)

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