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Sound FX for Sonicfire® Pro - Now featuring BOOM Library Sound FX -
Add percussive and production element accents at just the right moment in your video

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SmartSound SFX packs offer you great sound effects to bring life to your scenes. Enjoy one free Hit Pack included in the Sonicfire Pro 6 software and find more SFX and production elements below. The files in these packs are specifically designed to work with the "SFX browser" feature in Sonicfire Pro 6.4 that helps you easily find the right sound for your visual. We are happy to provide you with top-quality sounds from the renowned BOOM Library, which is comprised of a team of creative professionals in the field of sound recording and design.

SmartSoundFX Bundle by SmartSound

A great sound collection, covering a wide range of needs. Perfect usability with Sonicfire Pro 6 due to Multi-Take-SFX. Musical transitions, action scenes, home videos, cinematic fiction, name it! If "just good" isn't good enough, make it awesome! - with The SmartSoundFX Bundle.
Includes all 14 SmartSoundFX Packs

The BOOM Library Sound Bundle by BOOM Library

The ultimate sound collection for trailers, musical transitions, action scenes, home videos, cinematic fiction and more! Overwhelm your audience with raw power, high detail and dazzling character, made by BOOM Library.
Includes all 20 BOOM Library SFX Packs

3 Hit Packs by Blastwave FX

Boast with professional sound design by choosing from 3 diverse Hit Packs. This bundle will install 3 packs containing Hit Files for use with Sonicfire® Pro 6.

(120 unique sounds)

Dogs by SmartSound

Big dogs, small dogs, relaxed dogs, crazy dogs, dirty dogs, this collection has every dog you could ever need. From the haughty GROWLS of fierce Chihuahuas to the sad WHINES of a German Shephard when their beloved owner has left the room. DOGS will have your paws full of sounds from humankind’s best friends.

European Cities by SmartSound

The loud din of an OLD TOWN SQUARE, the quiet of a tree-lined street in a RESIDENTIAL AREA and the gentle rumbling of a PLANE flying by overhead while sitting in a secret garden. Including distant fog horns at the HARBOR, trickling FOUNTAINS, and cars stuck in TRAFFIC, this collection without a doubt encapsulates all the auditory wealth of the modern urban setting.

Everyday Life 01 by SmartSound

There are no sounds like home sounds. Everything from slamming BOOKS and turning pages to sweeping BROOMS, humming DISHWASHERS, and the tinkling of CUTLERY, our EVERYDAY LIFE collection will have your listeners thinking the sounds are coming from the next room.

Cartoon & Infotainment by SmartSound

Bring your animations to life with this collection of HORNS, WHOOSHES, WOBBLES, BOINGS, and MORE! Not only are these silly sounds great for cartoons, but they also include many must-have FX for podcasts, videos, on-line teachers, and anyone else who wants to bring some slapstick to their information broadcast.

This library was developed in cooperation with our partner VAMIFY.

Nature South Africa by SmartSound

The acoustic beauty of the savanna has been revealed in this voyage across the African continent's southern climes. Travel through soundscapes from the BUSH to the COAST, with an array of natural ambiences including WATERFALLS, WEATHER, and more. Your viewers will be fully immersed using these effects from mother nature.

User Interaction by SmartSound

Characters speak and so do the items they use. USER INTERACTION will bring the small to life with this collection of CLICKS, NOTIFICATIONS, BUTTONS, and SWOOSHES.

MAVIC Travel Filmmaker by SmartSound

Walk down the boulevard, jump onto the metro, and catch the last train with this collection of soundscapes and transitions. Transport your listener to a cafe, the seaside, or the streets, or let their senses take flight as a plane passes by. When you need your audience to come onto the scene, then our pack of city and travel filmmaker sounds will be sure to bring it all to life.

This library was developed in cooperation with our partner VAMIFY.

Asian Countrysides by SmartSound

Enjoy the pristine sound of varied ambiences recorded across Asia. Dive into the vast sonic landscapes featuring FORESTS, INSECTS, LAKESHORES, VILLAGES, BIRDS, WATER, RAIN, THUNDER, WIND and more. While many base sounds can be used in any setting, others will take your audience to characteristic places - control the mood, setting and even temperature to your liking!

Krypton by SmartSound

Your search for the one outstanding cinematic sound FX pack is complete with KRYPTON. This set of high-end FX can turn a homemade reel to a professional Hollywood cut. DARK AND LIGHT ATMOSPHERES, HITS, BRAAMS, RISERS, GLITCHES, DRONES, BOOMS, WHOOSHES and more are just a click and drag away from setting your work above the competition.

This library was developed in cooperation with our partner VAMIFY.

Futuristic SFX by SmartSound

This curated package of sound effects is from another planet. If you every wondered how to make your audience experience the extraterrestrial, this compilation of handpicked sounds is the "go-to" compilation for your Sci-Fi projects. Included are Ambiences, Weapons, Electronics, Objects, Spaceships, Alarms, UI, Devices.

Dark Textures by SmartSound

Featuring over 100 high quality drones and pads, this sound library evokes unsettling and gloomy feelings - perfect to create spooky atmospheres and tension building soundscapes for your project.
This package contains layers of MALLETS, STRINGS, METALS, GLASSES, SYNTHETIC and BASS SOUNDS, giving your audience the creeps. Easily adjust all sounds in their length with Sonicfire Pro's unrivaled technology.

Impacts, Hits & Whooshes by SmartSound

This collection delivers a vast variety of Impacts, Hits & Whooshes that are commonly used in contemporary trailers and big screen productions. Your motion picture lacks great audio transitions or is missing appropriate sonic support for the movement of objects or the camera? The curated whooshes will take it to another level. Refine your scene with Hits and Impacts to give it that extra oomph.

Monsters SFX by SmartSound

Ever wondered how to get the monsters and beasts in your project as badass and nasty as possible? This collection is filled with high-quality sound effects that let your clients tremble in their seats. The curated package comes with everything you need: Voices like chokes, growls, roars, attacks, hits, death screams and foley sounds such as bodyfalls, steps and movement. With this set of handpicked sounds you have the world of cinematic creature sound design at your fingertips.

Medieval SFX by SmartSound

The Dark Ages are calling! With this currated package full of high-quality sound effects everything in your medieval world is brought to life. From objects like doors, chests and fire over foley sounds like steps, chains and gore to weapons such as the crossbow, sword, hammer and axe – this compilation provides a solid foundation to give your project an authentic medieval feel.

Urban Explosions by BOOM Library

Ready-to-use explosion sound effects in the categories URBAN, INDOOR & NEUTRAL, each of them with a difference in explosion size, distance and character.

(84 unique sounds)

Modern UI by BOOM Library

This Hit Pack brings you all you need to dive into the digital, virtual and interactive world, be it for BUTTONS, INTERFACES or just a general SCI-FI atmosphere.

(100 unique sounds)

Close Combat by BOOM Library

This Hit Pack contains a vast variety of high quality PUNCHES, KICKS, GRABS, WHOOSHES, SLAPS and BONE BREAKS reaching from soft to very hard intensity.

(102 unique sounds)

Historical Firearms by BOOM Library

High quality sound effects of CANNONS, PISTOLS, REVOLVERS and RIFLES from the good old times. Let your audience reminisce the centuries past.

(74 unique sounds)

Destruction by BOOM Library

Get ready for crashes of whole BUILDINGS, CARS, GLASS, ICE, METAL, ROCK & WOOD - all of them in different sizes to perfectly fit your scene.

(80 unique sounds)

Fire & Water by BOOM Library

Unleash the fullness of nature's fury with Fire & Water. Experience BURSTS, IMPACTS, WOOSHES and more of the two elements. Most sounds are available as small, medium and large variants.

(72 unique sounds)

Mechanicals by BOOM Library

MECHANICALS comes with 96 ready-to-use sounds organized by size (LARGE, MEDIUM, SMALL, TINY). VAULT DOORS, SECRET MECHANISMS, CLOCKWORKS, DRAWBRIDGES, mechanical processes of any size, you name it.

(96 unique sounds)

Creatures by BOOM Library

Huge and rumbling beasts, tiny and nasty insects, brutal and slippery zombies: This collection includes sets of outstandingly evil creatures, with various different moods in each set, including CALM, ATTACK, HURT, TENSE, DIE.

(75 unique sounds)

Assault Weapons & Silencers by BOOM Library

Get your hands on the trigger of this great collection of high-end gunshot recordings in three different styles (DISTANT | MODERN | CLOSE) and SilencerCo suppressors in two (REALISTIC | RICOCHET).

(182 unique sounds)

Toons by BOOM Library

Do you want to make your cartoon world fully come to life with HORNS, SQUEAKS, PLOPS or WHISTLES? BOOM TOONS! SFX got you covered.

(185 unique sounds)

The Interface by BOOM Library

Get 170 different ready-to-use interface sound effects: BUTTONS, CLICKS, SLIDES, JINGLES and more. Whether it's for movies, presentations, or any media production - THE INTERFACE is your best choice.

(170 unique sounds)

Cinematic Trailers 2 by BOOM Library

CINEMATIC TRAILERS 2 offers a vast selection of high-quality WHOOSHES, HITS, CRACKS, BOUNCES, SLAMS, RISES, DROPS – everything you need to instantly draw attention to your movie, trailer, teaser or promotion video.

(177 unique sounds)

Cinematic Metal - Impacts by BOOM Library

Get ready to pound your speakers with this edgy, hard hitting collection of brazen SFX, ranging from HIGH SWEETENERS and highly manipulated EERIE LOGO HITS to HUGE CINEMATIC IMPACT and EPIC CRASHES.

(170 unique sounds)

Cinematic Darkness by BOOM Library

The key collection for your next dark film, trailer or other spine-chilling projects. Get ready for mad NOISE TERROR, evil SCREAMS, weird GLITCHES, BOOMS, deep HITS, scary DRONES, science STUTTERS, TENSION BUILDERS and much more!

(170 unique sounds)

Sci-Fi by BOOM Library

Achieve mind-blowing transitions and effects with blockbuster-grade Sci-Fi sounds ranging from highly detailed ROBOTICS over ENERGY FIELDS and futuristic MACHINERY to various SPACESHIPS, WEAPONRY and ALARMS!

(169 unique sounds)

Cinematic Hits by BOOM Library

Hard hitting, massive, devastating. Featuring LOW BOOMS, EPIC DRUMS, FIERY IMPACTS, DISTORTED CRASHES, SCI-FI HITS, SLAMS, SWEETENERS and more, this collection is as "hit pack" as it gets!

(139 unique sounds)

Medieval Weapons by BOOM Library

Hugely satisfying and authentic weapon SFX from a land far, far away! SWINGS, IMPACTS, WEAPON DRAWS, FLYBYS, LAUNCHES, and much more are guaranteed to add momentum and fierce action to your next video!

(178 unique sounds)

Cinematic Horror by BOOM Library

Make your audience tremble with these purely evil and terrifying SFX! Cinematic Horror is packed with shocking IMPACTS, STINGERS, WHOOSHES, CREAKS, VOCAL MADNESS, SCREAMS, CREEPY BUILDUPS and more!

(174 unique sounds)

Magic by BOOM Library

Straight from the masters of the elements - such as fire, water, ice and lightning - this hit pack offers a wide variety of FIERCE IMPACTS, POWERFUL WHOOSHES and ENCHANTING FLAVOURS to put a spell on your audience.

(131 unique sounds)

Cinematic Trailers by BOOM Library

Huge IMPACTS, WHOOSHES, TRANSITIONS and RISES. You can do some real magic with this collection! This pack will install Hit Files for use with Sonicfire Pro.

(155 unique sounds)

Machines & Destruction by Sound Ideas

A large variety of these sound effects are included: DESTRUCTION, HOUSEHOLD, TOOLS, MACHINES, TRANSPORTATION, WEAPONS and EXPLOSIONS.

Environments by Sound Ideas

A diverse collection of ambient sounds and environments. Includes settings such as a grocery store, a crowded swimming pool, a party crowd, a medieval battle, an orchestra warming up, and more. A staple for any production house where sound effects are utilized.

Heavy Hits & Impacts by Blastwave FX

Capture attention and add impact to your message! This pack will install Hit Files for use with Sonicfire® Pro 6.

(40 unique sounds)

Sci-Fi & Suspense by Blastwave FX

Stir emotions with this gripping collection of sounds. This pack will install Hit Files for use with Sonicfire® Pro 6.

(40 unique sounds)

Swells & Whooshes by Blastwave FX

Create a dramatic effect for your logos and other important messages. This pack will install Hit Files for use with Sonicfire® Pro 6.

(40 unique sounds)

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