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Brian E. Salter

Featured on these Smartsound libraries:
Professional Credits:
Some past clients and partners include Nokia, SonyEricsson, WebTV/MSNTV, Sony Music Online, Columbia Japan, MTV, and Danger Inc.

Brian Salter has more than 15 years experience as a composer and sound designer in varied fields, including production music libraries, games, and web / mobile applications. Beginning with a classical music education, he started his career in computer game development and the early days of internet media technology in Silcon Valley. In a long relationship with Beatnik, founded by music industry pioneer Thomas Dolby Robertson, he participated in the development of content and design for the Beatnik Audio Engine, the polyphonic music and audio mixing software used in a majority of the world's mobile phones, as well as working as a staff composer for Roberson's Headspace Music Library. In recent years he has been active in the fields of production music and mobile games.
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