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Amotz Plessner

Featured on these Smartsound libraries:
Professional Credits:
Credits include the deeply psychological Till Human Voices Wake Us, starring Helena Bonham Carter and Guy Pierce, comedies: Addams Family Reunion, animated movies like Digimon: The Movie, Pamela Anderson's TV series Striperella and the webisode hit X-Men. His music is also the driving force behind stylish commercials for Revlon, featuring Halle Berry, and for Ralph Lauren, featuring Penelope Cruz.

Composer Amotz Plessner's compelling music can be heard in a variety of film genres. A native of Israel, Amotz spent his formative rock and roll years in Tel Aviv. After attending Berklee College of Music, in addition to scoring over twenty films and numerous TV shows he co-founded Coyote Hill, a Los Angeles commercial music house with many national clients.
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