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Richard Band

Featured on these Smartsound libraries:
Professional Credits:
'Re-Animator' (film)
'Troll' (film)
'Puppet Master' (film)
'Walker, Texas Ranger' (CBS)
'Stargate SG-1' (Sci-Fi Channel)

Richard Band is one of the most versatile composers working in the industry today, but he is perhaps best known for his scores for some of the all-time classic cult horror and sci-fi films and television series. He has scored over 75 feature films and many television productions including multiple episodes of STARGATE SG-1, WALKER: TEXAS RANGER and Disney's SING ME A STORY series. Richard has also composed the music for more than 10 interactive computer/video games over the years and has over 30 soundtracks that have been released of his film works.

Richard has also scored many documentaries including the award-winning series MOST DECORATED, BRUTE FORCE and WEAPONS OF WAR and has also contributed much music to other series like THE REAL WEST, CIVIL WAR JOURNALS and BIOGRAPHIES. Amongst various television specials for which Band has composed music was the acclaimed Final tribute to NBC's THE BILL COSBY SHOW.

Richard's experience over the years has brought him to record over 22 film scores with internationally renowned orchestras such as THE ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, THE LONDON SYMPHONY and THE ROME PHILHARMONIC.

Recently Richard received a BEST ORIGINAL SCORE Emmy nomination in 2006 for his score to the Showtime series MASTERS OF HORROR episode DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE.
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