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Lisa Bloom Cohen

Featured on these SmartSound libraries:
Professional Credits:
The New Lassie (TV)
The Immortals (TV)
Batman: The Animated Series (TV)
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (TV)
Rescuers (TV)
Treasure Island (TV)
The Flash (TV)
Tail Spin (TV)
Love With a Twist (Movies/Specials)
Less Than Perfect Daughter (Movies/Specials)
TV Laughs at Life (Movies/Specials)
Vows (Movies/Specials)
Phoenix (Movie)
Up Above the World So High (Movie)
Summer Rain (Movie)
Lucia (Movie)
The Stupids (Movie)
Memoirs of an Invisible Man (Movie)
Steal Big (Movie)
Steal Little (Movie)
It's Pat (Movie)

Lisa Bloom has composed a number of scores for motion pictures and television and has written two musicals, an original score for the renowned Malashock Dance Company, and a variety of orchestral and chamber music. Her television credits include The New Lassie; The Immortals; and several ABC specials. Much in demand as a motion picture and television music orchestrator for many years, Lisa's credits include Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; The Stupids; Memoirs of an The Invisible Man; Special Effects (IMAX); and Rescuers. Her orchestrations has been performed by the London Symphony and the Prague Radio Symphony. Lisa's musical interests span the range from classical to jazz, with a current emphasis on writing musicals and concert music.
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