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Indie Artist/Pop-Rocker Jessa gives up strong performances with a youthful dynamic that speaks to a generation through her great vocals and smart lyrics. This full featured Multi-Layer Voxation Album was produced and recorded by multiple Grammy and Emmy Award winners.
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4. » Stupidly Dreaming

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A mid-tempo, alternative Pop / Rock piece about hoping things will finally go her way. (features female vocal) Incomplete - Misdirected - Plots and schemes - For that connection Unfulfilled - Vacant Heart - Social Hall - Never booked Going for flashlights - Instead of fireworks Fevered - Impassioned - Then stabbed by the iceberg Selling out - Settling for - Knowing Im worth so much more I KEEP THINKING ONE DAY LIFE WILL BE PERFECT ILL LIVE IN A FAIRY TALE WORLD MY PRINCE WILL DRIVE UP IN A PINK MASERATI AND I WONT BE A LONELY GIRL STUPIDLY DREAMING STUPIDLY Lost inside - This loosing battle - Thought it was my - One way out Running so fast - Coming in last - Fighting myself - In my own head There you are again - Its all so easy But I'm so wrong thinkin - You're all I need I broke records - It was never enough- The more I love - The quicker I'm left in the dust CHORUS Stupidly Dreaming for a life other than this Dreaming to experience all I've missed (Living all sorts of mythical events Living my version of the white picket fence) Wading through fantasies With nothin to lose Final wearing Dorothy's shoes I KNOW ONE DAY LIFE WILL BE PERFECT ILL LIVE IN A FAIRY TALE WORLD MY PRINCE WILL DRIVE UP IN A PINK MASERATI AND I WONT BE A LONELY GIRL Ah........... (floating-surrendering-accepting-wondering- imagining- dreaming) Going for flashlights - Instead of fireworks Fevered - Impassioned - Then stabbed by the iceberg Selling out - Still settling for - I'm worth so much more CHORUS I keep thinkin one day life will be perfect I'll live in a fairy tale world STUPIDLY... DREAMING

Genre: Nostalgic, Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Artist, Pop Rock, Indie, Pop Production Types: Indie Film, Short Film Keywords: Cool, Powerful, Hopeful, Emotional Instrument(s): Rock/Pop Band, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocal, Guitar