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Big Feelings (10 tracks) (10 tracks match your search)
The orchestral compositions on this cinematic album are masterful in evoking raw passion. These tracks transport listeners to different worlds of emotion and vivid visuals through pensive piano melodies and ethereal strings, from quiet, stimulating moments to triumphant brass fanfares that conjure grandeur. Blend these tracks easily into your visual narratives with Sonicfire Pro, which offers an unmatched experience of sound customization to lift your work to new heights.
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Retro Synth Vibes (10 tracks) (10 tracks match your search)
This exciting synth wave album encapsulates the essence of the genre through driving basslines, arpeggiated synths, and pulsing electronic rhythms. Blending horror-inspired melodies, danceable pop tunes, and epic science fiction adventure themes, the album evokes nostalgia for the 80s while also depicting dystopian urban soundscapes. From melancholic contemplation to neon-soaked anthems, the tracks feature a range of moods and emotions that can underscore media projects or simply transport listeners. With versatile scoring options, Sonicfire Pro provides the perfect customizable backdrops to complement these synth wave soundscapes. Whether needing to set the tone for a thoughtful reflective scene or amp up the energy for an action sequence, this synth wave library offers diverse cinematic tools to enhance your visuals.
Scoreboard (10 tracks) (10 tracks match your search)
Dynamically fusing electronic influences with orchestral elements, this invigorating collection delivers a real knockout punch. These exciting tracks are a modern take on the traditional sports soundtrack, featuring driving rhythms, heroic horns, and hybrid dubstep beats -- compositions that capture the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Completely customizable using the Sonicfire Pro app, this versatile album blends traditional and modern elements for maximum impact, ideal for sports television.
Vlog Tunes (10 tracks) (10 tracks match your search)
This chill hop and trip hop stock music album seamlessly blends crackling vinyl, mellow pads, and downtempo beats with funk-infused bass lines and jazzy guitars to create a laid-back yet stylish vibe perfect for vlogs. With pulsing basslines, boom-bap rhythms, and jazzy keys, the tracks evoke both the yearning exploration of a well-spurred traveler to the exotic interests of a frequent unboxer. Ranging from hazy and hypnotic to head-nodding and groovy, this collection offers a diverse set of soundscapes that can be customized in the Sonicfire Pro app to craft the ideal length and arrangement for any scene.
Summer Pop (10 tracks) (10 tracks match your search)
With its pulsating rhythms and infectious melodies, this collection skillfully blends together a variety of high-energy compositions, from rousing and anthemic to stirring and moving. Pop, rock, and synth-pop elements are brought together with piano stabs, electric guitars, and pulsing beats to produce some truly multifaceted and exciting music. Use the advanced engine in Sonicfire Pro to fine-tune the compositions to precisely fit your project and let this upbeat music keep your audience engaged.
City Rhythm (10 tracks) (10 tracks match your search)
Weaving a tapestry of dynamic urban soundscapes, CITY RHYTHM seamlessly blends hip hop, jazz, trip hop and trap. With an artful fusion of acoustic elements, pulsating basslines, and captivating melodies, these tracks create a truly rich and textured experience that ranges from a relaxing vibe to intense urban scenes, serving as a compelling backdrop for your visual storytelling. Tweak and perfect the composition to perfectly fit your narrative using Sonicfire Pro’s enhanced engine and let the music guide your listeners to the right mood and tone.
Acoustic Daydreaming (10 tracks) (10 tracks match your search)
From the stomp of the feet to the depths of the soul, this acoustic stock music album offers a diverse range of dynamics and emotions. Artfully blending acoustic guitar, cello, and a range of soft percussion, these tracks are captivating compositions that weave together the threads of folk and Americana into rich and textured arrangements. Melancholic melodies mingle with nostalgic notes, providing a versatile and evocative selection for various visual and storytelling purposes. Tweak and perfect it using Sonicfire Pro's mixing engine, and change the length of each of these pieces to perfectly fit your narrative endeavor.
Drill Inferno (10 tracks) (10 tracks match your search)
Focused on the popular drill genre, each track features unique beats that are sure to add an intense and foreboding vibe to any video. Producer Frime Beats designed these tracks to capture the raw, gritty sound that defines the style. Whether it's a high-octane car chase, an urban exploration vlog, or a dramatic action sequence, Drill Inferno has a track that will perfectly complement the visuals on screen. Adjust the length using Sonicfire Pro’s advanced technology and edit the mix to make sure the track captures the precise grit of your project.
Noble Nights (10 tracks) (10 tracks match your search)
This funky and rockin’ stock music collection lays down a mean jive with a full-spectrum of soulful energy and generous groove. Without a doubt, your audience will get down listening to the explosive sounds of all the popping horn, slapping bass, and onion-dicing organ featured here. Sprinkled in with some solid heavy rock beats, this genre-spanning album can find its way to a myriad of projects. With Sonicfire Pro’s groovy mixing capabilities and that cool way you can adjust the length as you’d like, you’re certain to tear the roof off anything you need.
Press Start (10 tracks) (10 tracks match your search)
A high-energy collection of electronic tracks, this video game-inspired album spans a range of sub-genres. The tracks include science fiction soundscapes, driving kicks, blasting horns, jazz-dubstep combos, and epic vocals that build up the intensity and energy. Using these tracks with Sonicfire Pro, adjust the mix and the length as you see fit to put your project onto an exciting auditory ride.

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Customizable with Sonicfire Pro and Quicktracks yes yes
Unlimited lifetime customizations yes yes
Personal, non-commercial use yes yes
Professional, commercial, for-profit use yes yes
Promote a product or service yes yes
Videos created for a third party yes yes
Monetized videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Etc. yes yes
Display at Film Festivals yes yes
Display in theaters Unlimited In One Country Unlimited, Internationally
Assign Distribution Rights yes yes
DVDs & Downloads Up To 10000 Unlimited
Local TV/radio broadcasting/advertising yes yes
National TV/radio broadcasting/advertising no yes
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Sonicfire Pro 6 & Core Ultimate Album

Sonicfire Pro 6 Strata Series: Core Ultimate

Core Ultimate is Sonicfire Pro 6's aptly named included album. Meticulously produced for the highest possible production value, it covers a wide swath of styles, providing the media creator a rich and varied palette for almost any visual need.

This incredible album includes a themed three-track orchestral suite ideal for scoring entire movies when used with Sonicfire Pro 6's powerful technologies, inspirational tracks with a modernist edge, simple happy, upbeat music, a rave rhythm-guitar jam perfect for high activity, a live vocal indie-rock song that could be a chart-topper, and more (10 great tracks in all).

All ten tracks are in Smartsound's Multi-Layer format giving you total access to all of Sonicfire Pro 6's exciting features. This album will give you countless ways to explore Sonicfire Pro 6's great technologies that will in turn, allow you to meld them into the perfect fit for your unique vision.

Core Ultimate is only available as part of Sonicfire Pro 6 and not sold separately.



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