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Sonicfire Pro 6 Update 6.5

Company News :: July 16, 2020
Sonicfire Pro 6 Update 6.5

The best keeps getting better. You have found Sonicfire Pro 6 to be indispensable to your projects, giving you access to an entire tapestry of original, live recorded music. With such a great userbase, we feel the obligation to listen to your feedback. On June 16, 2020, we released our 6.5 update.

The new version brings you these changes and features:

  • Add previews of uninstalled music to the timeline and customize it just as you would a purchased track, allowing you to “try it before you buy it”
  • Previews are now shown in green instead of blue
  • Selecting any track from the SmartSound store will add the track to the timeline (you can still preview the track by clicking the play button)
  • Checkout has been streamlined: Just purchase our music and sounds right in the software and export the unmarked track as a.wav or .aif file
  • Further integration with your online account showing you which files you own but might not have downloaded
  • “Owned titles” can now be found as “Installed titles”
  • You can now clear out installed previews from the “Internet” tab of the Preferences menu
  • Smart WAV files have been further integrated and now work faster with music you have imported

Check out this YouTube video for more information.