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Singles and Singles Packs Pricing Change

Company News :: November 09, 2015
Singles and Singles Packs Pricing Change

Effective immediately SmartSound is making changes to its licensing and pricing of single tracks and Singles Packs. The new structure makes our Extended License the basic license for all tracks. This means with any purchase of a track you now have a wider range of usage. 


It also means we are dropping the price for the Extended License tracks to $59.95!

Singles Packs are also lower priced: 10 Packs are $299.95(50% savings!) and 5 Packs are $199.95 ($40 per track!).


The new licensing means that a basic purchase can now be used for:

  • Videos created for a third party
  • Use on client websites
  • Monetized videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.
  • Display at film festivals
  • DVDs and downloads
  • In mobile apps
  • National TV / Radio broadcasting
  • Local TV / Radio broadcasting

These are in addition to other basic rights. View the complete set of license features on any track page by clicking the "Add To Cart" button.