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Mood Emotion :: June 29, 2015

Sad memories are food for the soul and scoring scenes with sad music often lends an air of tragedy or depression to it. Unless there are a bunch of robots in your audience, scoring scenes with sad music might elicit a tear or two along with lonely, helpless, tender or even apocalyptic feelings.

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Published on: September 09, 2015

Slammin Blues Music

The Blues emerged as an African-American art form, rooted in the Deep South and drew on folk songs, spirituals, ballads and later fused traditional African music and European folk music. Blues permeates jazz, R&B and rock and roll and blues shuffles reinforce the trance-like rhythm to form the repetitive effect known as a “groove”. So get your groove on with some blues music that has a bit of slammin’ intensity to it and find the ideal soundtrack for your next project with SmartSound’s royalty free background music.

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Published on: April 24, 2015

Funky CountryWhy the long face?? Got the blues? Find solace in Smartsound's Royalty-Free Blues Music, with pages of suggestions for albums, songs, and blues-influenced tracks. Start with All About the Blues and get the history of the blues in one gritty collection, spanning the range of styles from the New Orleans Delta to Chicago.

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Published on: September 04, 2014

Sad songs have a certain stoicism to them, a sense of forebearing and strength to get through the hardest things life throws at us. SmartSound’s collection of Sad Royalty Free Music does justice to the dignity and courage of those bear it and remain upright.

Fragile Dream manages to sound both sad and uplifting at the same time; a backdrop to solemnity that does not utterly cast down, like seeing an elderly loved one finally released from a painful terminal illness. It could also describe the first stirrings of hope after a long, sad time such as a protracted war. Use this poignant track from Tender Moments for Tribute/Memorial, Religion or Nature footage.

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Published on: August 04, 2014

SomberStrings and piano dominate SmartSound’s Somber Royalty Free Music offerings. Serious, poignant, and lyrical they offer the dignified musical backing for the saddest scenes in your repertoire, the ones that show your video is grounded in real life in all its variations.

Whether for Action-Drama, or some scene of poignant retrospective March of Remembrance from album Narration Backgrounds II, keeps up an orchestral, serious pace. Strings, and sparse but heavy percussion create the ominous mood of inevitability.

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Published on: August 01, 2014