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Royalty Free Music Search - Part 2

July 30, 2012 In this second of a two-part series we’re describing how to use the blog posts to help you find the right music tracks for your videos.

Blog posts are roughly divided among the following: New Music, — to highlight our newest releases, which you may not have noticed yet. They may include biographical info on the various composers as well.

Production Types — which has more to do with the type of video project than the musical style itself. This may range from broad-spectrum, such as music for an entire movie, to corporate videos, down to even such small-scale, but still common projects like elevator music.

Musical Genres — specific musical styles that could be used in many different production types. These posts include broad categories such as Royalty Free Instrumental Music and Positive Royalty Free Music, as well as much narrower genres like Royalty Free Dub Music and Royalty Free Hawaiian Music.

Artist News/Profiles — gives backgrounds and highlights of the talented videographers who use Smartsound Royalty Free Music for their productions, and the artists that produce the music in the SmartSound Library.

Company News shares info on how to use the Smartsound website, news about Smartsound itself, and, best of all, info about contests YOU can enter with your own vid masterpieces!

Each of the first three categories can help point you in the right direction. Representative tracks are highlighted and linked directly to the songs, to give you the flavor of the topic.

Additionally, links take you to multiple destinations within the Smartsound website. Example--recent post New Orchestral Music on 'Inspiring Beauty' included links to the composer himself, different instruments — synthesizer, flute, piano, genres such as electronica, rock, and jazz, and even very specific descriptive terms such as uplifting and epic.

The blog search box takes you to other blog posts related to your search term.

We try not to repeat tracks, to the best of our ability, to give you the widest view of the astonishing breadth of possibilities available through Smartsound Royalty Free Music. Take advantage of the blog post info and all it links to in seeking out the perfect song for your video project…Good hunting!

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