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Production :: August 05, 2013

Corporate Royalty Free music The selection of royalty free music for making corporate videos is one of SmartSound's biggest categories, with over thirty albums to choose from. In most cases uplifting and positive is the desired mood, to keep not only stockholders, but also employees feeling motivated about what they’ve invested time or money into.

Featured Royalty Free Corporate Music

Opportunity Knocks
The Ocean
Class Of '69
Take Me There

Check out Bloom, from the Uplifting Ideas album, an earthy, outdoorsy rock track designed to move your message along with a positive flow. Effervescent Feel So Alive, evokes images of success and forward momentum. Its punchy driving beat are perfect for product videos and on-hold music.

Opportunity Knocks, from the Power Lunch album packs a motivating punch, focusing on prosperous days ahead. Wealth and Power's bold versatile tone will leave no doubt who’s in charge, and that it’s a good thing!

The mellower tracks of Homespun Guitar are great for a more narrative style of corporate communications. Hypnotic and pensive, yet energetic The Ocean, could back up the biography of the company founder’s early journey, as well as moving the story forward into today.

Good Times’ Class of 69 works well for this venue, too, with a retro-rock style Boomers bond with.

Corporate tracks include music for training videos as well, and Take Me There from the album Full Spectrum provides an active, outdoorsy track to put your training on solid rock ground. Full Spectrum is an essential, all purpose library, with styles from classical to rock, techno to swing.

Background sound is important, without distracting lyrics. Sometimes a familiar tune fills the bill, especially when a comic note is what they’re after, but often Corporate music will be unfamiliar, and almost inconspicuous except for the emotion it leaves behind. In either case, SmartSound Royalty-Free Music offers hundreds of appropriate tracks to add polish and professionalism to your Corporate projects.