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Genre :: April 01, 2014

Royalty Free Latin MusicAptly-named Latin Flavors serves up a feast of delectable, spicy tracks, guaranteed to make your mouth water. Is it any wonder Latin music brings up visions of food and festivity? Party, travel, or romantic scenes love the Latin touch!

Festive, punchy Cha Cha with Me lights up the kitchen with sassy brass horn riffs, cha cha piano and spirited percussion. Its high-octane energy dances its way through your happiest Travel, Cooking, and home Video projects.     

Featured Royalty Free Latin Music

Cha Cha Dos
Don't Stop Samba
Snazzy Samba
Hombre Extranjero
Despite its bemusing title, Fiesta Siesta makes no bones about perking up for a cheerful tropical scene. Rhodes piano and upbeat percussion star in this light, tongue-in-cheek, Latin background.     

Need to add some drama into the dish? Total Possession brings out the bold, confident side of Latin, with driving horns, expressive Spanish guitar, and tangy percussion spirit. 

Sizzling hot songs from Spicy Rhythms are made to dance to—mamba, tango, calypso, served up with a flourish of swirling skirts. Check out the epitome of bouncy, danceable grooves from this album with Latin Soul. Latin Band and rhythm section keep things cooking along.

Album Latin Blend is another great place to look for not only the authentic classic Latin sound, but also range wider with Latin-influenced pieces. Only dark-haired beauties with flowers in their hair need apply for Ask Maria, pure Latin punch with syncopated piano and elegant brass.

Royalty Free Latin MusicThen there’s a sultry place for Latin to meet the blues in slow-burning Highlights on the Water. Turn up the heat for dramatic moments in Travel Videos with this Rock/Pop Band outing, with edgy guitar and organ keeping it plaintive.

Sexy Latin influence stirs up the mood in sensual Indie Ballad, Latin Kiss, from Emotional Journeys. Mystical piano and strings soar over an earthy hip hop drum layer. Bring out this urban-flavored song for Short Films, and Indie films.

Whether pensive and sultry, or crackling with energy Royalty Free Latin Music never fails to keep it spirited, with Latin American style, emotion, and verve!

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