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R&B Band Royalty Free Music

Genre :: August 24, 2015
R&B Band Royalty Free Music

Electronica Rhythm & Blues

Rhythm and Blues music has undergone many changes over the years, though it originated with the heartbeat of African American music. Today, whether acoustically or electronically performed, rhythm and blues music is heavy with themes of love, loss, romance, freedom or economics. Rhythm and Blues’ groovin’ and soulful beat creates a soft, easy-going mood for the background.

Featured R&B Band Royalty Free Music

Back and Forth
Full Eclipse
Carried Away-JE
Alone Tonight
At the Crib

The Jade Element album features Back and Forth, a soulful jazz song with sensual, sultry vocals that add a relaxed, urban beat. Full Eclipse on the same album is a sophisticated track that’s cool, atmospheric and relaxed; perfect for a club or lounge scene, indie film or commercial. Carried Away-JE is a soulful, nostalgic and romantic track that brings a pensive, sad and dramatic mood to the composition. Electric piano and strings accompany light vocals for a melancholy tune.

Urban R&B
The album Downtown Mix has an eclectic blend of R&B and hip-hop tunes with a bright, world beat flavor. Your Time, Tell me a Secret and Alone Tonight are three light tracks featuring a soothing and subdued blend of easy-going music with a rhythmic, pulsating sound.

At the Crib on the album Phat Grooves would be another excellent selection as the R&B Band offers a fun and serious urban soul ride with driving and confident instrumentals in this punchy, electronica hip-hop themed track.

Rhythm & Blues bands offer music that’s ideal for gentle, romantic or sensual scenes as they blend into the background yet enhance the drama. Customizable, royalty free background music is our specialty and with dozens of R&B tracks in our library, you’ll quickly discover how quickly you can customize your scenes with our award-winning patented music technology. Click over to the SmartSound library today.

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