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New Music :: April 12, 2017

What does calm determination sound like? Or steadfast effort towards a goal? How about peak performance or results oriented focus? This album exudes all these qualities and more from every note, sound and chord. Drive your team, effort and results to the top with these fully Multi-Layered, SmartSound® Technology infused tracks.

Goals Reached

An upbeat blend of piano and strings promote positive energy while keeping the focus on the task at hand.

Results Oriented

A strong drum beat drives the story forward, as reverberating guitar riffs, strings, and piano accents all work towards a common goal.

Take The Leap

This calming yet inspiring ensemble piece helps focus attention and foster the courage needed to jump into a new situation.

This Means Business

A steady, emotional track with a modern edge and floating strings tells a compelling tale that builds to an ultimate realization.

Path To Success

Electronic elements add a technological flair to the gradually increasing stride of strings and backline.

No I In Team

Electric guitar and a rolling percussion rhythm build excitement and anticipation to take on the challenges ahead.

Recruiting The Best

An pulsing arrangement of synthetic tones evokes an exciting atmosphere while flowing strings push us confidently to new heights.

Can Do Attitude

Pulsating strings add a sense of urgency, as electric piano and a steady pace highlight the process of achieving the goal.

And One For All

A determined and uplifting guitar melody accented with strings and a stable backbeat work together to build an aura of camaraderie.

Peak Performance

An uplifting mix of piano and strings help pave a clear path toward achievement and success.

To Strive

An offbeat, uptempo electronic blend works outside the box to encourage a creative and productive mindset.


Sharp strings, clean electric guitar chords, and a steady beat collaborate to provide a team-building atmosphere.