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New Release – Urban Drama

June 08, 2012 Urban Drama Royalty Free MusicSteve and Christopher Skinner collaborated on Smartsound’s new release, Urban Drama. It’s heavy-duty cool, and sometimes just heavy—like the City is itself. When the narrative is complex, such as for social interest pieces, web content, documentaries and news features that require an emotional range, these tracks set the tone.

Put the petal to the metal with Bad Habits, a TV/Film Drama style song that backs up a late-night driving scene, Reality TV or Film Trailers with hard drums, keeping the beat deep under melodic strings and piano.

A little more percussion punches up raw, energetic Feel the Pressure. This Rap/Hip-Hop piece grabs your attention for Commercials, Action-Drama and Product Videos. Urban Jungle completes the triad of hard and heavy pulsating drum tracks from this album. Its air of uncertainty and anticipation is bold and serious.

Other songs, such as pensive Hard Way, show the poignant side of the City with a slow tempo strings and piano outing perfect for intimate moments, or sad, sorrow-filled scenes. Elegant piano melody in Slow Pulse, sets the scene for two friends saying goodbye, or a passionate first encounter.

Dramatic Warning Signs, keeps the tone somber with Strings, an epic build rising slowly to create an emotional moment for your next downtempo drama project.

More uptempo, yet still drivingly serious, Breaking Bonds, uses synthesizer and R&B Band for a tight bead on a getaway or chase scene.

The City takes a break from taking itself too seriously with the only really upbeat track on Urban Drama. The relaxed groove of soulful Shed Some Light, lightens the mood with jazz combo and trumpet for nightclub scenes, commercials or product videos.

The perfect backdrop for the dark side of City life comes out in sensual percussive tracks throughout new release Urban Drama, backing up your intense content and building the scene with incessant, sensual moodiness that doesn’t let go…

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