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New Music: Core Evolution

July 01, 2013

Multiple talented composers break out their most exciting work for SmartSound’s amazing new album, Core Evolution.  If you can’t find the exuberant range you are looking for in this portfolio of styles and genres, it probably doesn’t exist. 

Heavy SmartSound contributor Amotz Plessner leads off with a reflective, New Age creation, “A Mile Away.”  Tranquil oboe melody and flowing acoustic guitar ostinato keep the motion ever-forward, despite the quiet demeanor of the track.  It even has a hint of a western flair to it—maybe the New West—sophisticated, yet full of calm, purposeful determination.

Featured New Music: Core Evolution

A Mile Away
Green Time
Liquid Skies
Riding Low

Jordan Tarlow composed dreamy, refreshing “Circles.”  Piano, synthesizer, and New Age Ensemble, sparkle in this uplifting, hopeful track, reminiscent of ripples in water radiating outward.  Use this track for scenes featuring a relaxing connection to nature, or even to liven up Corporate/Industrial footage. 

Rockin’ triumphant “Green Time,” starts out punchy, but low key, and quickly escalates with heavy drums, driving bass and guitars to convey thrilling, competitive action.  Electric organ, and strings chime in on the Rock/Pop Band-style track from Michael Alan Raphael, to fill in the bold sound, and push the limits even higher.

Step out for a cocktail in Future Lounge with funky, pulsating “Liquid Skies,” from Jean Baptiste Bocle.  Ask for ‘shaken, not stirred’ with this chill, slick track featuring analog lead synth, and other electronic accoutrements.

Don’t miss cool Rap/Hip-Hop-style “Riding Low,” also from Bocle.  Energize pulsating party scenes with this killer Electric Bass and groovy drum track punctuated with Scratches and Vocal Effects. Syncopated synths, and urban ambience keep the audience out on the dance floor!

Let SmartSound’s new Core Evolution back up your visuals for productions ranging from corporate to documentary, sports action, to travel and drama, all making use of Sonicfire Pro's great features.  (All tracks include unlimited access to Full, Broadcast and custom lengths with a commercial license.)