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Genre :: December 19, 2013

Celtic music is a broad genre that includes various types of music that stemmed from the Celts in Western Europe. Instruments commonly used in Celtic music include the pennywhistle, flute, fiddle, harp, banjo, and the bodhran. The melodic line in this genre usually goes up and down the primary chords. If you're in need of Celtic music for a project, here are some tracks from the Celtic Music Library that you can use:

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Published on: March 09, 2016

Asian music is a general term that includes music from all Asian countries, such as Japan, China, and Korea. Although there are many countries in Asia, Asian music has numerous similarities. Wood flutes, silk-stringed instruments, and use of the pentatonic scale are common characteristics of Asian music.

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Published on: February 19, 2016

Sometimes a scene demands a certain sound, theme, or atmosphere. Fortunately, with SmartSound’s thousands of royalty-free music tracks and simple search technology, finding just the right tracks is a simple matter. For example, a search for Scottish-themed tracks pulls up two pages of results to choose from. More search terms can be used as well, to narrow down the results. Here are a few search combination results to show what we mean.

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Published on: January 19, 2016

If royalty-free music inspired by cultures around the world is needed, one only has to use SmartSound’s music search to find a wealth of tracks to use.

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Published on: November 20, 2015

Tropical Grooves
There’s something so happy about Tropical Music; it sets the heart on fire and the feet to moving with grooves and jives, and shakes and wiggles that just come naturally. Tropical music is fast, slow, soft, sensual, upbeat or other-worldly; it’s not all just Latin or Caribbean music, but it is all danceable with its natural liveliness.

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Published on: September 07, 2015

Electronica Rhythm & Blues

Rhythm and Blues music has undergone many changes over the years, though it originated with the heartbeat of African American music. Today, whether acoustically or electronically performed, rhythm and blues music is heavy with themes of love, loss, romance, freedom or economics. Rhythm and Blues’ groovin’ and soulful beat creates a soft, easy-going mood for the background.

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Published on: August 24, 2015

royalty free caribbean music, royalty free world music, royalty free musicReggae, Calypso, Salsa, Oh My!
Every single island and inch of coastline in the Caribbean boasts its own style of music it seems, but what’s common to all of them is their irresistibly dance-friendly rhythm. You just can’t sit down while listening to Caribbean music. We’re not just talking Bob Marley either; we mean Calypso, Salsa, Flamenco, Merengue, Bachata and more.

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Published on: August 05, 2015

royalty free abstract world music, royalty free world music
Big cities are often loved for their diverse music scenes; especially world music which can be heard in every club and on every street corner. World music transports listeners to lands of mystery and intrigue, but when an abstract effect is added to it, well, now you’ve got some seriously awesome abstract music from around the world. Uniquely creative, world music always adds an element of surprise as unusual or uncommon instrumentation unites this genre.

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Published on: July 31, 2015

Folk Violin MusicFoot Stompin’ Folk

Everyone has a favorite song that makes them jump up, start stomping their heels, clapping their hands and twirling around. Often, these tunes are folk songs with their merry fiddles, mandolins, violins and banjos which create lively, rollicking tunes that reach to the heart of who we are. Every culture in the world claims their own folk music which originates in their unique oral tradition and is generally of unknown authorship as it’s been transmitted through multiple generations. Today’s composers are inspired by and imitate folk music of old with a bevy of newer folk music styles.

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Published on: April 13, 2015

Royalty Free Folk MusicMost people recognize folk music when they hear it, yet it’s not easy to define. Coming from the German "volk," – "of the people," traditional folk music is often unexcitingly labeled "music of no known composer," or "passed down through oral tradition." It’s usually at least as old as the 19th century, but may even pre-date that. Some types of folk music are called world music.

Contemporary folk music reached a peak in the 1960's, being based on a revival of older folk styles. Whatever the era or style, SmartSound Royalty Free Folk Music includes generous examples of both modern composition and traditional songs.

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Published on: July 29, 2014

World musicAs usual music transports viewers wherever you want them, faster than anything, except the sense of smell. These examples from SmartSound’s collection of Royalty Free World Music demonstrate how you can make them feel almost-at-home with a recognizable ethnic sound, or disorient with rhythms and instrument too general to immediately pinpoint.

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Published on: July 07, 2014

Royalty Free Indian MusicSmartSound has much to choose from in the realm of Royalty Free Indian Music, starting with India’s Mantra from Scoring Essentials. This hypnotic, sensual, earthy track, perfect for short film, meditation, massage therapy, or any contemplative venue features multiple exotic instruments from drones to large-bore wooden flutes to rhythmic tablas.

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Published on: May 29, 2014

French Royalty Free MusicRoyalty Free French music can’t help but lend an air of high society polish to your video production. Even innocent, whimsical French Waltz, from the Parlour Games album manages to sound cultured at every turn, with Chamber Group, piano, and violin consorting to bring out the posh in your next Indie film, Short film, or Biography.

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Published on: April 24, 2014

SmartSound's royalty free Hawaiian music transports us instantly to cheerful, relaxed days in the sun. Bring out the ukuleles and Hawaiian guitars, and in just a few short notes, you know exactly where you’re supposed to be right now, hula dancing under the palms, and forgetting all your woes.

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Published on: April 17, 2014

Royalty Free Latin MusicAptly-named Latin Flavors serves up a feast of delectable, spicy tracks, guaranteed to make your mouth water. Is it any wonder Latin music brings up visions of food and festivity? Party, travel, or romantic scenes love the Latin touch!

Festive, punchy Cha Cha with Me lights up the kitchen with sassy brass horn riffs, cha cha piano and spirited percussion. Its high-octane energy dances its way through your happiest Travel, Cooking, and home Video projects.

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Published on: April 01, 2014