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Production :: October 01, 2014

Video games set in a modern, urban environment are all the rage, but it isn’t easy to find royalty-free music for background tracks and for developing scene emotions in the players. SmartSound makes this a snap, however, with its vast library of nearly infinitely-customizable music.

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Published on: November 02, 2015

Scary Video Game MusicScary Video Games have powerful, driving, energetic or even quietly suspenseful music that brings animation, characters and scenes to life with thrilling, action-packed music that ups the mystery and suspense factor.

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Published on: October 09, 2015

In the mood for some Fantasy Music? SmartSound has the high-quality, award-winning music you need. With our original, customizable and royalty-free music tracks, your project will be unique every time.

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Published on: February 23, 2015

SmartSound's selection of Futuristic Video Game Music lends an ethereal quality to your video games.

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Published on: February 19, 2015

SmartSound's selection of Haunting Video Game Music will give your video game that scary feeling, or it might be used to create even more suspense when needed.

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Published on: February 13, 2015

Your character is lost in a futuristic city, surrounded by the corruption of an evil government. You're going to need an epic soundtrack, to go along with your heroism in this futuristic city. Luckily SmartSound offers high end royalty free electronic video game tracks to fit the cyberpunk vibe you are trying to obtain.

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Published on: January 16, 2015

Video games often include a heroic protagonist that takes on the bad guys and rescues the day. SmartSound’s music library featuring heroic video game music will encapsulate that feeling and help your listeners feel as though they’re along for the adventure. Here’s just a small sample of what we have to offer in that genre.

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Published on: January 05, 2015

Video GameWhether it’s for a driving game, an action game or something in-between, music will almost assuredly make your video game more playable. Here’s a small selection from SmartSound’s large video game-centric music library:

A steady beat of jacked-up drum 'n' bass in the song System Shock leads you through the dark corridors of cyberspace on this taut track. The incessant pace will keep your audience riveted to your scene. There’s more of the same heart-pounding music on its album Edge 03: Action Techno which packs a potent combination of jagged electronica and Top 40 R&B. Reminiscent of techno-thriller movie soundtracks, these selections drive with a dark energy that will put the viewer at the edge of their seat. Top 40 R&B is also represented here in tracks that capture the latest grooves from today's popular artists.

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Published on: November 07, 2014

Intense Video Game Music What keeps video games exciting is the intensity that they bring in certain climactic moments. SmartSound’s library of intense video game music exemplifies that idea well and is the best option for your production needs.

Music from a futuristic wasteland, the song Brutal Endgame is gritty and ruthless. Metallic drums and growling guitars vie for dominance - ideal for a story of looming fate. This track’s album, Fearless Energy features intense orchestral-rock, straight from the big screen. These vast sounds were made for big impact, big action, and cinematic glory. The songs are ideal for epic trailers or any situation needing an impressive surge of energy.

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Published on: November 03, 2014

Horror Video Game Music Your video game character is slowly creeping around corridors of cold stone with no signs of trouble. Just as they make the last turn, BAM! A giant three-headed monster jumps out with the intention of shredding them. Your adrenaline races as your character fights for their life. The soundtrack to this mayhem is SmartSound’s music - made just for video game horror scenes. Here’s just a small slice:

Use these cues from the album Tales of Horror (PS33) to jangle the nerves. Eerie and ethereal with dissonant strings, this album is defined by creepy effects and stabbing brass punctuation to make you afraid...very afraid. One of its tunes, Scourge, is a pulse-quickening track that will propel your scary video game to its final conclusion. Pummeling percussion tell a tale of impending danger ahead.

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Published on: October 31, 2014

Video Game Action Video games are often defined by the graphics that they provide but, just like any good movie, they also needs the heart-pounding action music to add to the scene. SmartSound has a diverse array of video game action music that is sure to add to any production you choose to place it in:

As it sure to happen in some games, the double-entendre song Rampage is perfect for those intense moments when the enemy jumps out of the corner and startles you. Dramatic drum accents fearlessly flow into an accelerated action sequence with unstoppable strings that offset with fantastical electronic sounds. Best yet, the song features a super-intense, powerful ending. Its album, Massive Edge Orchestral, is much of the same action. It’s an intense cinematic exploration of big-sound music layered with electronic textures ranging from low growls, huge sweeps, digital flutters and syncopated spasms. Huge drums and backbeats match the big-orchestra sound and electronics for heroic climaxes juxtaposed with the dark and dramatic.

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Published on: October 10, 2014

With video games having exploded into a multibillion-dollar business, delivering a unique player experience is more important than ever. Choosing the right royalty free video game music is an important building block in the creation of a complete virtual world.

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Published on: July 15, 2014