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Production :: February 10, 2014

Convey dramatic urgency with Intense News Music that sets your segment ablaze. Intense News Music sets the opening stage to let viewers and listeners know action is on the way. Sports, weather, morning and evening news, corporate communications, product videos, and commercials and documentaries with intense news music are geared to let listener’s known action is on the way.

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Published on: October 02, 2015

SmartSound has a wide selection of Royalty Free Music for your news programming.  Choosing your News Intro Music may be the most important; after all you only get that one chance to make a first impression.  When choosing your News Intro Music we recommend looking at some of our more intense news music. 


Green Time from the album Core Evolution uses electric guitar and drums to embody that action rock sound, perfect for a sports news show.  For more orchestra centered music that still speaks in a sports tone, choose something like Attack Zone from the album Classic Sports.  This track is a little slower in tempo when compared to Green Time, but it is still bold and energetic. News Intro Music like these tracks can keep the excitement alive and draw that attention back in well after the game is over.

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Published on: May 19, 2014

News broadcasting is all about getting the attention of the listeners. The most effective way is to use the right music, at the right time to pull the audience in and keep them waiting for more. There are many spots to fill during a newscast and the right kind of music is imperative. SmartSound’s selection of Royalty Free Music is perfect for the exciting, action type news.

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Published on: May 09, 2014

After you hook the audience with the right News Intro Music, select one of the tracks from SmartSound’s Royalty Free music selection for the news background. Of course the intro is your first impression, your initial grab at the listener’s attentions, but that background music has to entice them just as much.

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Published on: May 01, 2014

The selection of Royalty Free News Music includes two full albums of robust news tracks from the Strata Series, for television and radio reporting, as well as corporate announcements, and punchy single tracks from various production music albums.

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Published on: December 10, 2013