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Mood Emotion :: June 29, 2015

Epic Action-Drama – you know you love it. Intense orchestral tracks just beg to be released at that pivotal, story-defining moment in video games and movies alike, bringing the audience to the edge of their seats as effectively as any dialog could. With SmartSound’s award-winning technology and thousands of royalty-free music tracks, designers and videographers will have no problem finding just the right epic track for action-drama scenes.

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Published on: November 04, 2015

Consider thrilling and intense music when scoring scenes with drama and rising emotion. Intense background music offers a panorama of emotional cues as it moves seamlessly from tender, romantic intensity to poignancy and thrilling greatness.

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Published on: September 11, 2015

Passionate Royalty Free MusicPassion in Spades

Open the spigot on your viewer’s tears with passionate background music and set the stage for heartwarming, intimate and romantic scenes. SmartSound’s broad selection of passionate royalty free background music offers the best in emotionally-driven music that vibrates the heartstrings with rich emotions.

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Published on: July 27, 2015

Epic Royalty Free MusicEpic Background Music is generally heroic, majestic, and spectacular and often narrates remarkable achievements or events that are impressively great in nature. Daring and valiant feats are accomplished with sweeping strings and thunderous percussion perfectly placed within an epic score. Epic adventures are often ripe with tall tales of legendary heroes and a production scored with Epic Background Music ensures a dramatic and grand entrance for worthy scenes.

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Published on: March 27, 2015

Bold and PowerfulFrom heroic to haunting, Bold and Powerful Royalty Free Music from SmartSound builds the drama with styles ranging from classic-sounding orchestral to angry electronica.

From Fun & Games comes a ferocious Hard Rock selection, Beehive. Not for your mama’s genteel garden video, this slammin track is more at home in Sports Footage or Commercials. Drums and Electric Guitar pound out a steady, driving beat with a few vocals thrown in, set up for roiling around in the background without a lot of melody to it.

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Published on: March 26, 2015

Royalty Free Action MusicWhether backing up pumped-up scenes in motion, streaking down the home stretch for a sports video, or speeding up time with a montage, Smartsound’s Royalty Free Action Music does some heavy lifting for your action-filled footage.

Take the energetic rock sequences of Full Throttle, for example. With familiar-sounding classics to edgy contemporary tracks, these songs drive home that winning feeling, pump up the fun factor, or intensify the effect of your action scenes.

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Published on: October 15, 2014

emotional Emotional Royalty Free Music can be heartwarming, reflective, or romantic, though it tends to focus more on the more tender side of romantic, in SmartSound’s collection.

Versatile Rain Over Paris is at home in not only Commercials, but also Suspense projects or Indie Films where the final resolution is still up in the air. Musically, this poignant tune from Ultra Pop relies on the latest in electronica sound effects, and more traditional orchestral elements in tandem. Driving percussion weighs in with March/Patriot ambience as well.

As melancholy as its title, Leaving Home from album Sunday Matinee focuses on the bittersweet aspects of parting from the home place. Quiet piano overlays the orchestral in a track that is all emotional ballad. A short trill of flute intervenes at the ¾ mark – a smile in the midst of the tears.

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Published on: August 22, 2014

Royalty Free Dramatic MusicDramatic Royalty Free Music from Smartsound describes all that life drama itself ranges through from moving, to vivid, to startling, to theatrical. With "serious" its middle name, dramatic music can range from wildly crashing and thunderous, to confrontive, to tender and poignant.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of Smartsound albums contain dramatic music — here’s a few that really turn up the intensity.

Rich orchestral album Emotional Depth creates positive, high-drama venues for passions, both personal and political, in your characters’ lives.

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Published on: August 07, 2014

Royalty Free Action Music We love our action scenes, and Smartsound knows it, with 330 tracks offering action-packed royalty free music. We blogged about it back in August 6, 2012, and the new releases since then are keeping it real and revved up!

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Published on: April 23, 2014