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Heavy Shreddin' - New Strata Series Album

New Music :: August 04, 2016
Heavy Shreddin' - New Strata Series Album

Blistering metal featuring big beats and bigger guitars. Like a shot of pure adrenaline, these tracks will kick start your productions and send them into overdrive. Perfect for footage of extreme sports, fast cars, or anything that needs a dose of high octane.

Tracks on the album


Searing and swerving lead guitar takes control in this hard rock track. Sliding lead lines lend a southern edge.

Crunch Time

Heavy duty rhythm guitars lay down the law in this straight-ahead rocker. Blues-infused leads soar over the top.

Epic Metal

Metal at its finest - grinding, tight, and mean. Dual lead guitars and extended bass bring the spectacle into focus. Great for extreme sports.

Eye Of The Storm

Wall-to-wall metal guitar, ready for big action. Use to amp up race car footage, or any high-octane scene.

Fearless Warriors

Pummeling drums and driving leads make this metal-fest the one to beat. Gear-up your intense footage with a few bars of this rocker.

Menace To Society

Scorching lead guitars couple with relentless undercurrents to forge some serious metal. Extreme action awaits.

Metal Monster

This tight and bold metal-rock exposition takes us on an adventure. Dual lead lines help tell the tale of metal glory.

Psycho Rawk

Raw and untamed, this straight-ahead rock machine takes charge of the situation. Use it on your next full-contact sporting event.

Reign Of Chaos

Edgy and burning guitars fuel this angst-filled rock ride. A raw track geared for intense situations.

Searing Heat

Driving and incessant guitars plow forward with no apologies in this scorching ride, ready to take on the toughest of assignments.