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Mood Emotion :: June 29, 2015

Orchestral Comedy is another outstanding album by composer Francisco Becker. The album’s tracks cover the gamut of comedic range, from screwball scenes to the tongue-in-cheek, and even suspenseful comedy is covered. Pratfalls? Check. Mockumentary? Sure thing. Whatever style of comedic score your scene requires, you’ll find it on Orchestral Comedy. Some of the many notable tracks on this royalty-free album include:

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Published on: January 28, 2016

Pop it Up

Snap, crackle, pop—that’s the sound of Effervescent Music! Check out the album GFGF—with its fantastic collection of music inspired by great food and great friends. Fun Ride is a powerful, refreshing and triumphant song with bluesy effects driven by electric guitar and a high-energy organ and piano.

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Published on: November 12, 2015

Oh Happy Day

Billboard music chart toppers often include music with a happy theme thanks to happy music’s ability to inspire, motivate and captivate an audience. Sensing happy music in the background allows the viewer to identify with a scene’s mood. There isn’t a movie made that doesn’t contain happy music at some point in the soundtrack.

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Published on: September 21, 2015

Royalty Free Upbeat music, royalty free musicSay it with Music

Upbeat Music, particularly when it features a versatile synthesizer, can knock a scene into outer space and beyond as it dials up effects that mimic horns, trumpets, grand pianos, marimbas, chimes and more. A truly talented synth player can easily imitate other instruments or generate unique new sounds. The creative facets synthesizers bring to music often enhance the overall quality of the composition as they add sounds that typical small bands don’t generally produce.

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Published on: August 10, 2015

royalty free exuberant music, royalty free happy music, royalty free music

Enthusiasm Squared
Unrestrained enthusiasm; that’s what exuberant music is all about. People love it because it’s joyful, jubilant and energetic; it lifts our spirits, makes us want to dance and allows us to forget about everything while we kick up our heels. Exuberant music is cheerful, lighthearted, high-spirited and enjoyed for its often vigorously animated compositions.

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Published on: August 03, 2015

Perky Royalty Free Music Perk up the Mood

Get in the groove with some perky background music for your next project. Kick the tempo up a notch or three with lively, pulsating, spirited music. Score it to a club or dance scene, a fun commercial, a nature documentary, or you name it, perky music arrangements lighten the mood and up the sense of adventure. Choose either orchestral, electronic or a combination of both and customize the effects to your production.

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Published on: July 15, 2015

Angelic Royalty Free Music

There’s something majestic about angelic music that easily fits the background of many productions as it fills memorable scenes with tender moments. Dreamy and ethereal music is slow and rhythmical and evokes feelings of warmth, love and kindness. Angelic music is often paired with sacred or religious scenes in the hope of touching viewer’s hearts but is also ideal for biographies, nature scenes or spoken word productions.

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Published on: June 03, 2015

Happy Outdoorsy Music Leave it to SmartSound

Oodles of productions, commercials, games and videos benefit from happy, outdoorsy background music with its positive and uplifting vibe. Creating just the right background music for a refreshing or inspirational scene can be found with happy, outdoorsy music. Nothing kills a good mood more than the wrong music.

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Published on: April 20, 2015

GoofyUnless you’re in Scrooge-mode, Goofy Royalty Free Music is about synonymous with comedy and fun. SmartSound delivers on the promise with circus-like to dream-like tracks ranging from tongue-in-cheek to orchestral.

Delightful and lively enough to back up the most energetic kids-at-play scene, Thrillls and Spills trots out all vibrant, unusual instruments to create its sprightly ambience. Tubas, fifes, cheerful strings, light percussion instruments all take their bows in this winsome track from Sunday Matinee.

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Published on: March 12, 2015

Heartwarming Listening to heartwarming music can have a great positive effect on your listener’s day and there’s no better place than SmartSound’s immense music library to do just that. Here are just some of the songs that will melt your listener’s hearts and have them yearning for more:

There are few emotions that are stronger than Leaving Home, which coincidentally is also the name of one of our featured songs. This tune is a comforting piano feature that can support those long, emotional goodbyes through a bittersweet orchestral farewell. Its album, Sunday Matinee is comprised of heartwarming ballads and stirring symphonic journeys, designed for family-friendly storytelling. This filmic collection provides a host of essential backdrop styles including melancholy, whimsical, and magical.

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Published on: October 13, 2014

Upbeat Travel MusicTravel always sounds like a trip, so to speak, during the planning stages, and it even turns out that way sometimes in the execution, but with SmartSound’s Upbeat Travel Royalty Free Music, your travelers will always arrive in style and have a blast.

Imagine an Irish bar with everyone line dancing in Riverdance style to the fiddle. Someone’s beating away on a snare drum in the background. That’s Cat’s Cradle from Celtic Adventures, a delightful everyone-join-in-‘cause-you-can’t-resist kind of song. It’s definitely a place you want to stop by for a pint in your travels.

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Published on: September 05, 2014

Fun Royalty Free Music SmartSound Fun Royalty Free Music doesn’t stint on the interpretations of what’s fun; here a goofy kid’s circus track, there a punk visit to modern lounge electronica, then a trip down memory lane in a boat of a convertible.

Like something out of a John Hughes film Elektrik Skyline pulses with Electronic life, setting up the club for sleek, shiny fun in Daft Punk style. A deep electronic base anchors the track in a futuristic kind of home; one of the variations is called ‘Robot Love,’ another ‘Electro Punk.’ Put this danceable track to work for Commercials and Home Videos.

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Published on: August 08, 2014

HappySmartSound’s Happy Royalty Free Music swings along through countless genres from kid stuff to country to retro. Dance to it, drive to it, or just grin ear to ear, but no sad faces will be left behind.

A few strong “Heys” from the chorus keep the fun from being completely electronic in Hella Fun from album Phat Grooves. You can almost see everyone on the dance floor making those flat circles with their fists to match gyrating hips. Pure hip-hop, this track almost yells ‘flash mob’ since everyone will know the moves, and moving is what it’s all about for this lively urban scene!

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Published on: July 25, 2014

Like their cousins, Soul, and R&B, SmartSound's Royalty Free Gospel Music cuts a wide swath. The gospel feel of Holy, Holy, Holy, from the album Hymns Revisited, plays it straight with a soothing, traditional religious theme. The instrument is piano, the style is gospel ballad, and this heartfelt arrangement of the popular hymn is great for church productions and other religious projects.

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Published on: April 15, 2014

Light, upbeat royalty free music is an ideal background for commercials, informational videos and corporate training pieces. If you operate a business that uses an automated customer service system, engaging your listeners with pleasant, easy-listening music while they’re on hold is a proven strategy. At SmartSound Royalty Free Music, we’ve built a large library of optimistic and cheerful background music that’s ideal for a wide range of applications.

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Published on: March 06, 2014