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Instruments :: June 29, 2015

Soft Guitar Music
Soft guitar music adds intimacy and serenity to scenes yearning for tranquility. Indulgent, soothing guitars offer the ideal background music for beautiful, calming or relaxing scenes as well as intimate, romantic and meditative scenes. Gentle acoustic guitars, coupled with piano and light percussion deal a sentimental hand to tender scenes. Soft guitar music fills in the dialogue’s blanks with mystical, soothing or spirited tenderness as gentle guitar strings express dramatic and emotional stories.

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Published on: September 23, 2015

Acoustic Guitar Royalty Free MusicEveryone has a favorite singer-songwriter strumming along on an acoustic guitar and singing some easygoing, feel-good songs. SmartSound creates new favorites with the release of the royalty-free album Organic Pop with its myriad of excellent Acoustic Guitar Background Music. Fresh and positive vibes, hinting of new beginnings and second chances are laid down by warm acoustic guitar grooves instilling the sense comfort and joy. Choosing acoustic guitar music to accompany refreshing scene is a promising way to create an, inviting, happy and warm backdrop for your project.

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Published on: July 17, 2014

Homespun Guitar Royalty Free Music AlbumSmartsound’s Royalty Free Guitar music covers some big territory, with no less than four albums highlighting Guitar music.

Homespun Guitar features the dreamy, contemplative moods evoked with the clear lines of acoustic guitar. Country/Folk Ballad The Way you Smile, creates a quiet, soothing background for Biography and Spoken Word/Narration. Touching, tender scenes get the right ambience through piano/strings duet.

Easy-going, carefree Wellness, joins piano and acoustic guitar for a light, positive outlook.

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Published on: July 16, 2014