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Genre :: February 08, 2012

Electronic music has come a long way since it was popularized in the 70’s with sounds created with musical instruments and electronic music technology. Polyphonic synthesizers, electronic drums, drum machines and computer technology offered diverse options for composing inimitable tracks. The late 90’s brought affordable music technology to the world and the music scene exploded with contemporary electronic music in many genres from experimental art music to popular electronic dance music as composers attempted to create sensations of flying, dreaming, or being in outer space with ethereal electronic effects.

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Published on: October 14, 2015

Ambient Electronic Royalty Free MusicHear without Hearing
Ambient Background Music is ideal for productions in need of a particular atmosphere, emotion, mood or tone. Music innovator Brian Eno declared that ambient music must be able to accommodate various levels of listening attention and must be as ignorable as it is interesting. Ambient music is the type of music you hum along to without even realizing it’s there. Scoring your piece with ambient electronic music could be the hit you’re looking for. Check these scores out.

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Published on: May 18, 2015

Fear of the future gets concentrated and distilled in futuristic movies—they always seem apocalyptic—why is that?—and SmartSound Futuristic Royalty Free Music delivers the goods for electronic scariness and power.

In the way that most all trailers amp up the drama of any coming attraction, Cybershark from Massive Edge Orchestral pulls out all the stops in the Studio Orchestra and Synthesizer’s repertoire to paint a fierce, extreme picture of the future. Video Games are another venue for the intense chaotic stylings of this track.

Commercials that march to a different drummer could do worse than call on Ultra Pop’s Analog Dance. This concentrated track has something for everyone, from future rock kitsch (with variations like Gnarly, Funky, and Get Ready—where’s Austin Powers when we need him?) to electronic machine gun fire to pizzicato strings.

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Published on: January 20, 2015

Royalty free Dub MusicDub music is an offspring of reggae developed in Jamaica in the 1960’s. Dubbing literally means making a copy of one recording to another. In this case the dub producers took existing songs, stripped off the vocals, emphasized bass and drum parts, and went from there, reshaping the song electronically to suit their vision.

Royalty-free dub music shows up in dance club tracks and vibes all over the Smartsound world, from Chill to Trance to Electronica, and fills the need wherever you want viewers to tune in to their rhythm and give their busy brains a mini-vacation.

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Published on: June 04, 2014

Cinematic ExplorationDance music isn’t just for party and club scenes. It makes an excellent counterpoint in any scene where you’re aiming to amp up the energy or build the thrill of anticipation. You can also use traditional dance music to create a sense of cultural authenticity.

SmartSound Royalty Free Dance Music has a wide range of dance music collections, from folk songs to contemporary techno and electronica. No matter what mood you’re trying to strike, we’ve got the perfect sound!

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Published on: February 25, 2014

Royalty Free Trance MusicDespite its name, Royalty Free Trance Music isn’t just for Halloween. The style developed in the 1990's as part of many electronic genres most at home on the dance club scene. Growing originally out of disco roots, electronic music got gradually faster and more minimalist, giving dancers the opportunity to merge with the repetitive melodies into their own trance in motion.

From the vibrant Club Scene album, slick, sexy Miami Lounge exhibits the characteristic Drum & Bass/Electronica sound of Trance. Commercials, Reality TV and Video Games and any scene needing a cool current chill out to this Synthesizer Track.

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Published on: January 23, 2014

Royalty Free Electronic MusicWhen the circuits are busy churning out futuristic techno tones that drive the action on and off the dance floor, Smartsound’s Royalty Free Electronic Music rolls it out.

Electronic pulse is at the forefront with slick, retro Club 45 from Eurobeat/Club/Electronica, strutting out the background beat with disco style that doesn’t interfere with narration or visuals. R&B meets electronica in smooth, soulful Funk Machine, a punchy track with background vocals available.

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Published on: January 09, 2014

Royalty Free Electronic Music

Electronic royalty free music gives the widest range of expression of any genre, since any music ever recorded can be reproduced to perfection, then mixed and matched in infinite variations with the flip of a switch. The temptation could exist to just play with all that possibility and never really come up with anything fresh and original.

But SmartSound Royalty Free Music never suffers from this trivialization of song, with every track designed to explore and adapt the cohesive whole around your visual creativity.

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Published on: October 22, 2013